Taylor Momsen Signs With Next Model Management

Looks like Little J is searching for work. I hear that Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen has signed with the elite Next Model Management (which also represents Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, and more).

As you recall, Taylor was briefly the face for the Material Girl collection designed by Madonna and daughter Lourdes, but was dropped and replaced by Kelly Osbourne (who also later got canned too). While T definitely has a unique look about her (innocent meets edgy), I can’t help but associate the 19-year-old with her bad fashion choices. Do you think that’s going to be a problem in an upcoming campaign?

Let’s take a look at some of Taylor’s most interesting style choices. Do you love or loathe her look?

Looking super grown-up in super chunky platform shoes at the Nickelodeon 2011 Kids Choice Awards.

Photo Credit: WENN

Where are your pants?!

Photo Credit: WENN

Going for a sexy, er, skanky look on stage with lacy knee-high stockings.

Photo Credit: WENN

Channeling Cousin It with her dark round glasses.

Photo Credit: WENN

Performing live in Germany in leather lingerie.

Photo Credit: WENN


  1. Maria Said:

    Rita Orna?????? Orna????

  2. thea Said:

    i fucking love her choises in fashion. or maybe i’m just a freak.

  3. Shay Said:

    Are you kidding me? Her fashion sense is her own, and pretty damn awesome! I would go lesbian for her… i mean seriously.. LOOK at her!

  4. Catherine Said:

    That hair is AWFUL. Waay too long. Just wish she would cut some of it off and use a little less black on her eyes. You can do smokey without looking gothic.

  5. shams Said:

    c’mon, that’s not fashion at all, i don’t think that puttin together wired cheep, ugly and black staffs all in one is to have sense of fashion. She is too beautiful to look so bad, she could use gothic, but there are fashionable ways to use it. Besides, with nineteen years old she needs to start to grow up.

  6. Lena Said:

    I just loveee her look :D

  7. Eleanor Said:

    Her fashion choices are amazing. So original and interesting. Love it.

  8. GossipGay Said:

    Love the look. Primarily because, I think she’s the only upper east sider (or Fire Islander) that doesn’t give a Rats ass what we say about what she wears. Plus, we’re jealous about her boots (don’t lie, GG, I’ve seen your closet!)

    You know you love us. XOXO

  9. Clara Said:

    If she would start modeling, her personal style would have no influence.. Soo what’s the matter?!

  10. Georgie Said:

    I don’t like her clothes AT ALL… but I like that she doesn’t care about the press’s opinion!

  11. Roxie Said:

    love or loathe? Just asking this question is loosing time. An anorexic creepy punk babydoll? umm, no thank you. Time is money darlings! xxx

  12. Sophie Said:

    I dont´t like her style :( It´s terrible!

  13. Niah Said:

    She is a beautiful girl, (in love with black i can see) But lingerie, in public, i think she could have went doen the line and still pulled off a sexy loose look. Otherwise that her hair and makeup are done to perfection. Rock your own style girl!

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