Taylor Momsen Poses Topless In New Promo Poster For The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless released a new promo poster for their not-scary-at-all-sounding Going To Hell tour, and the featured image is of the Gossip Girl star posing topless, cupping her breast with her hand.


We recently saw Taylor reuniting with her TV step mom Kelly Rutherford (aka Lily van der Woodsen) at an Alice + Olivia show during New York Fashion Week. Even Kelly was overjoyed by how amazing Taylor looked–she skipped the heavy eye makeup, opting for a more natural look instead.

I guess T wanted to continue with that kind of look–going sans clothes is about as natural as you can get. Want to see Little J perform in a town near you? Click here to see when and where The Pretty Reckless will be stopping on tour. XOXO


  1. ellie Said:

    She looks great, and it’s way more tasteful that some celebs look when they’re in clothes. Good for her

  2. Melanie Said:

    She looks great on this picture ; and I’m soooooo releaved that she (FINALLY) puts aside her heavy make-up …
    But, is it me or she looks way too skinny ?

  3. Catie Said:

    Beautifullllll! Although.. The tour name is slightly freaky.

  4. Misha Said:

    She looks totally amazing ! She is so beautiful on her own – with or without clothes. Love her to the end of time <3

  5. Thea Said:

    i fucking love her.

  6. Serena Said:

    I’m excited to see her perform again in a few weeks!

  7. Margo Said:

    Little J did a total 180

  8. abi Said:

    She looks awesome! Can’t wait to see her in October.

  9. Ruda Said:

    wygląda jakby miała za dużą głowę i nie ma cycków. pozdrawiam

  10. krissty Said:


  11. Maria Said:

    I love her so much!! Go Taylor Momsen!! I agree though, she looks much better natural and without the extensions. Although i do love her music!!

  12. andre Said:

    She without clothes and just cupping her breast…still tastier/classier than Miley Cirus wearing white tank top and panties and pretending to suffer in wrecking ball… and yes, they are kinda the same age…

  13. Ivaaa Said:

    She looks nice in this picture, and I like her style because she is DIFFERENT, she’s not like other performers. I respect that! :)

  14. Kayla Said:

    She’s posed topless before. Not such big news.

  15. Nisa Said:

    Much more tasteful than Miley’s.

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