WTF Alert: Taylor Momsen’s Naked New Music Video

We get it, Little J, you’re tres over being an Upper East Sider. Taylor Momsen has released a new video of her narrating, not singing, the lyrics to “Under the Water,” the latest song by her band, The Pretty Reckless. And did I mention she’s naked, darlings? Oh yes, but blurring is used to protect (what’s left of) her modesty.

If you’re itching to hear this song set to music, you can check it out on The Pretty Reckless’ third album, the charmingly titled Hit Me Like A Man. 

I for one am sad to see the once-promising actress resorting to such cheap tactics to get attention for her whateverish band. Tay, don’t you know that we love you with your clothes on?

Taylor Momsen

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  1. Serena14 Said:

    how low you need to fall in order to attract the attention of fans with the naked form? i hate Taylor Momsen! and always hate! not offended please because it’s my personal opinion and i very want to be gossip girl if i can!?

  2. Kayemoon Said:

    She’s fine! She is just young and she didn’t have a childhood because of gossip girl making her famous. Either she will kill herself because of drugs OR she will notice that she is being childish and she’s acting like a teen.

  3. GossipCat Said:

    It makes me a little sad to know that Taylor don’t have more pride than this. I mean she’s beginning to look like Jenny Humphrey herself… The season three Jenny who’s not that innocent anymore. I hate little J and I hope I’ll never hate Taylor but if she keeps doing that… I’m sorry, T but I may just

  4. Gloria Gilbert Said:

    Oh god, leave the poor girl alone. If she wants to go nude – let her, she’s an adult, she can make her own choices and it’s not like she wasn’t thrust into showbiz at a young age (against her will, as a toddler you don’t get a say.) hate on Taylor but don’t hate on The Pretty Reckless. They’re fucking awesome and you’re fucking lame.

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