Hot Mess: Taylor Spreitler

I’m not sure who Taylor Spreitler is, but I am sure that I do not like her style. Why? This:

Taylor Spreitler People's Choice Awards 2014 Arrivals


I realize that this girl whose “career” entails roles on “Melissa & Joey” and “Days of Our Lives,” doesn’t have the bankroll of, say, Blake Lively, but surely something less atrocious was available at a retail store (shudder). What is this outfit even supposed to be? Not only are the shades of white off (my pet peeve) but they seem to be from two opposing outfits that she Frankensteined together.

And also: it’s terribly unflattering to her figure. Perhaps Taylor has a banging body, or perhaps she’s hiding some sort of prehensile tail under that hideous skirt–we’ll never know because this outfit fits so poorly.

Do you think I’m being way too hard on her or do you agree with everything I’m saying? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO


  1. kat Said:

    omg thats horribleeeee

  2. Chantal Said:

    I agree. This is horrible. My 5 years old cousin would’ve wore her better.

  3. Ernestine Orozco Said:

    She looks like a jellyfish on her crop top white and shes trying to make her outfit look like a sexy consious style of fashion which is really look like tramp and it doesnt fit on the event..

  4. mel Said:

    … agreed!!!!

  5. Cris Said:

    Seems she has chosen clothes from her closet with her eyes closed!

  6. Anna Milburn Said:

    crop tops do not work for her and what’s with the skirt?

  7. Christopher L. Tolbert Said:

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  8. Renata Said:

    i would’ve liked it better if it was a corset instead of the cropped top-it just looks too casual

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