Taylor Swift’s Mane Event

Spotted: Taylor Swift almost incognito at the American Music Awards, with her straightened mane and mirrored Colette Dinnigan dress. Going sleek for the red carpet—or looking a bit more mature for her older man?

Photograph by PR Photos


  1. chantal Said:

    wow she looks beautiful <3

  2. Ren K. Said:

    She looks like a Barbie!

  3. quaints. Said:

    ew at her hair

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  5. aggie_oh Said:

    She looks like a mannequin. Gross. I miss the old Taylor Swift who said she’d never straighten her hair.

  6. gossipgurllover Said:

    EWWW!!!! Omg is she seriously ok? I absolutely like her with her curly hair better!

  7. kelly Said:

    barbie girl!

  8. leigh Said:

    she looks like a colossal bitch with straight hair.

  9. Nic Said:

    she looks so ordinary with straight hair! not saying she can’t try it every once in a while, but she should definitely stick with the curls.

  10. Sarah Said:

    Lol, is she wearing Miley’s wig? She sure does look like Hannah Montana.

  11. dheng_shalala Said:

    hmmm..can’t decide if it looks good on her compared to curly hair. but she’ll be hard to spot for starters :)

  12. LydSmith Said:

    Shes gorgeous no matter what she does.

  13. Abby Said:

    personaly i dont think taylor swift is that pretty but i think she looks better with straight hair

  14. kelly Said:

    absolutely adore this look makes her look soooooooo down to earth and ordinary

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