Taylor Swift’s $20 Million Gift…To Herself?

Spotted: Taylor Swift strolling around the Harkness House, an 11,000 square feet Rhode Island mansion set on over five acres of lush seaside land. T had her realtors and parents in tow as she perused the property, which is on the market for a measly $20 million.

As we know, Tay has a penchant for buying homes near her crushes, namely Conor Kennedy, and rumor had it she was even looking into an English cottage near Harry Styles. Could T have a Rhode Island hottie tucked away nearby? If not, I’m sure she’ll find one.

Did you think T had enough in the bank to afford such a marvelous manse? I guess breakups are more profitable than we thought…XOXO.

taylor swift


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  1. blair Said:

    Well, I think T has enoughin the bank to buy 3 houses like that :-P

  2. Jenna Said:

    She’s rich, deal with it.

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