Inside Taylor Swift’s 24th Birthday Party

Looks like Taylor Swift and Lorde have taken their relationship from enemies to casual diners to OH MY GOSH LORDE WENT TO TAYLOR’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

I spied the New Zealand teen queen posing for pics with the bday girl at her garden party in Melbourne where Tay was wrapping up her tour in Australia. The festive fete included pretty flowers, sparklers, and red balloons, along with the ability for T.Swizzle and her entire entourage to wear summer attire and rub it in our faces (Manhattan was covered in snow when I saw these pics, therefore making me completely regret the decision to RSVP no when I got the invitation. Le sigh… I just can’t be everywhere at once, darlings.)

Anyway, take a look at Taylor, Lorde, and a bunch of other smiley happy people celebrating another year of Tay’s search for her one true love existence. Is this your idea of a perfect party theme or not quite your cup of tea?

"My 24th birthday was a Melbourne garden party. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!"

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram

"The best birthday I've ever had."

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram


Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram


Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram

"Red balloons."

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram


Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram


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  1. Andra Said:

    I didn’t know that she and lorde were such good friends…

  2. Alina Said:

    I bet Lorde is just playing this act because she already made herself look so bad with all her dissing, so she decided, “Hey! If I act like I’m friends with them, I’ll get more defenders like everyone else does!” because inside she is just like every other celebrity except she made a song that points out her hypicriteness. This is just an act that will blow over once Lorde gets two hundred billion more defenders and fans. Just a thought.

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