Taylor Swift Made $40 Million This Year!

Large amounts of money obviously don’t shock me, however when I heard that my future BFF Taylor Swift made $39,699,575.60 this past year, my perfectly puckered lips opened in a gasp! T.Swizzle is certainly a force to be reckoned with… granted, she makes nothing compared to the billions my parents makes each year (thanks, allowance!), but I’m giving her two manicured thumbs up for topping the list over music powerhouses like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake in Billboard’s annual Money Makers list. In fact, she’s the only girl in the top five. Way to represent, Tay!

Taylor Swift 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards


Are you surprised that Taylor made this much or do you think she should have made more for how hard she works? And what would you do with $40 million? Tell me in a comment below, loves! XOXO

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  1. ally Said:

    she totally deserves them

  2. S Said:

    she deserves even more.
    Btw with that much money I will buy me lots of candy *o*

  3. Nicole Aguinaldo Said:

    WOW Taylor is on fire!! :)

  4. R Said:

    Tanto dinheiro e má fama, vai com calma queridinha.

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