Taylor Swift Hosts A-List 4th of July Soiree

Darlings, I hope you spent your July 4th declaring your independence from the summer’s most hideous fashion trends (ahem, overalls) and sipping America-themed cocktails. Taylor Swift took advantage of the occasion to position herself as the social chair of the rich and famous…or rich and famous who were willing to venture to her Rhode Island home for a 4th of July soiree, anyway.  

It was truly the fete of the weekend. In addition to the hostess with the mostess, class couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Lena Dunham, Jessica Szohr, Jaime King, Odeya Rush, Ingrid Michaelson, model Amanda Griffith and director Kyle Newman made A-list appearances. 

So how did Tay Tay entertain the who’s who of her social circle, you ask? Party guests dipped in the ocean (I prefer my water filtered), slid down a Slip ‘n’ Slide (I just can’t even), cruised on a boat (acceptable, though it looks small in photos) and baked (the horror). Really, Taylor? You invite everyone to leave Manhattan and you can’t even spring for a France-trained pastry chef to do the baking? 

I suppose if you’re into doing the work the household staff typically completes, you might as well do it in good company.

How about you, minions? Were your 4th of July plans as good as Taylor’s?

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