Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez Teaming Up For New Song

In a pairing I never saw coming in my gorgeous and very expensive crystal ball, it has been reported that Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez will be collaborating on a new song together for J.Lo’s upcoming album due early next year.

Apparently the two had such an amazing time together singing “Jenny From The Block” during T.Swizzle’s final Red Tour show in Los Angeles on Aug. 25 that they are signing up to work on a track they can both own.

taylor swift


As you’ll recall, Taylor was freaking out about singing with J.Lo: “Sang Jenny From the Block with @JLo tonight at Staples Center. STILL FANGIRLING OUT ABOUT IT,” she tweeted after the show. Jennifer replied, “@taylorswift13 had so much fun with you tonight!!! #RedTourLA #jennyfromtheblock #hairbrushsongs.”

Here’s the big question, though, dolls: who should be more excited about working with the other? Tell me what you think in a comment below!

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