Taylor Swift Fans Freak Out Over T-Shirt–AGAIN

Listen up, Swifties. I’ve got something to get your perfectly proper panties in a bunch: a new shirt mocking your beloved Taylor Swift!

Just a few weeks ago Abercrombie + Fitch pulled an oh-so-offensive tee from their shelves, and now it seems that indie label Bad Kids Clothing is also ruffling some feathers amongst the Swifties with their new tank:



Well that is a rather comprehensive list, I must say. Kudos to the label for including the guys we only think Taylor has shacked up with (like Zac Efron and Eddie Redmayne). While A+F is a giant corporate label afraid of offending, this tiny line isn’t, and will actually love any press–even if it’s negative–surrounding the shirt, so don’t expect them to yank it from their shelves, Swifties. Such is a consequence of being a worldwide star, I guess. Maybe she and Demi “I Hate Being Rich and Famous” Lovato could cry on each other’s couture-clad shoulders?

taylor swift


I actually think Taylor should rock this tank top herself–this is a pretty sexy list if you ask me, minions. I don’t see anything to be ashamed of…do you?

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  1. sam Said:

    didn’t she date cory monteith as well?

  2. Nicole Said:

    Urmm they’re missing some people hahaha her list is longer than that

  3. Stephanie Said:

    This is a comprehensive list since 2008 or 2009! For a gorgeous , social butterfly like Taylor I see nothing wrong with dating a couple guys a year. BFD. Most of them weren’t even serious and were probably just coffee.

  4. Maddy Said:

    Only thing that pisses me of is that half of those people she didn’t even go out with. Plus Taylor is not ashamed to make fun of herself and I can even see her wearing this shirt.

  5. kathie Said:

    if she doesnt want anyone leaking the pictures why would she even take the pictures in the first place… idiots.

  6. Vinicius Said:

    she just went on one date with Lucas Till, since they were filming a music video and all. She never really dated Zac, and I`m not even sure she even met Redmayne, i cant find A SINGLE picture of them together

  7. olivia Said:

    SO FRUSTRATING!!!! Not to get all defensive, because i’m not an annoying 11 year old swiftie anyway, but she DID NOT DATE all nine of these people!!! Like, where the hell did Eddie Redmayne come from? I don’t even think they ever met!!

  8. Tkus Said:

    Cory’s name was removed after his death,sam :'( No comments on the T, though.

  9. Eleanor Said:

    To those of you who DON’T know, Taylor NEVER dated Cory Monteith so he shouldn’t even be on that list okay. They met LITERALLY, A FEW TIMES and had dinner together. THAT’S IT. I would know because I am in both the GLEEk AND Swiftie fandoms.

  10. Georgie Said:

    Sorry, but I AM a swiftie. And that shirt is just. And Taylor NEVER dated Cory!

  11. Sandra Said:

    I don’t care much about the dating subject…but i wonder…who would wear an ugly blue??? tee…with such a simple print on it…a 3 year old could’ve came up with that “design”…just saying…

  12. Shabba Said:

    She is young talented rich and gorgeous if she doesn’t date these men who should ( may be people think these guys will date am ordinary girl ) some freaking gold digger? And honestly some of those guys got more press because of her than the other way around. I am not a swiftie but I hate how people are mean about who she dates. I would love to see a similar t shirt for John Mayer.

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