Taylor Swift Gets Flirty with Aussie Actor Brenton Thwaites

Has Taylor Swift found her next future ex-boyfriend? I hear that the songstress was flirting like crazy with Aussie actor Brenton Thwaites at a Toronto Film Festival event earlier this week. My spies in the Great White North saw them chatting and giggling together for at least an hour at a private party held at Soho House

“[He] had his arm around her back,” a witness revealed. “She touched his leg a few times. They seemed very into each other.”

Brenton, 24, was at the film festival to promote his horror flick Oculus. While he is a total cutie, there’s no word yet on if anything is actually happening between the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer and him, or whether or not he’s actually even on the market in the first place.

Do you think he could be her next song boyfriend? Tell me in a comment below!

Taylor Swift 47th Annual CMA Awards Red Carpet



  1. LP Said:

    Oh no…she needs to set some boundaries for herself.

  2. Alison Said:

    She is ‘dating’ every guy she’s pictured with.. media these days. You know some women have friends that are MEN.

  3. Stephanie Said:

    Ridiculous. They just talked. Big deal and I bet your source doesnt even exist.

  4. Stephanie Said:

    So sue her—she flirted with a hot guy. She’s 23 and he is 24. Get back to me when they’re kissing or holding hands! Keep having fun and doing your thing, Taylor.

  5. AJ Said:

    they look really cute together! i think they would make a good couple :)

  6. Suzanne Said:

    Just another in a long line

  7. Lacey Said:

    Omg he is soooo cute ahy haven’t I heard of him before?! Anyways they make a super cute couple, hopefully if they get together they will stay together ;)

  8. Jen Said:

    they’re just talking. i’ll be convinced when i saw them kissing

  9. Anna Said:

    Wow. Can I be her? She has honestly dates like all of my dream guys! Good for her though! People really need to stop overreacting about her personal life, she really hasn’t dated that many guys!

  10. Cristina Said:

    Early this week? But taylor cut her hair time ago ! How is possible that in the picture you see her with long hair.mmmmm WEIRD! , i think this is fake >:/

  11. MJ Said:

    They look perfect together! :) She is 23 years old and she makes her own decisions,and I really don’t think that she dated that much guys as the medias say.I mean,you’re not dating every guy you talk to.

  12. Melo Said:

    I don’t want a new song from her

  13. OMFG Said:

    I hope not. He can definitely do so much better than T. Swizzle. :)

  14. LMFAO Said:

    please tay dont break his heart hes a cutie
    keep him…… at least longer than the otheres

  15. Kristen Said:

    New guy looks like a fifteen year old if he stopped scrunching his face. next ex boyfriend for taylor. got a new song yet, tay tay?

  16. Sofie Said:


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