Taylor Swift Warned to Stay Away From Cara Delevingne!

Taylor Swift has a new BFF in model Cara Delevingne but the rest of her pals aren’t so delighted with the new addition. I hear that T’s clique is worried that Cara, who bonded with Tay over their mutually failed romances with Harry Styles, will be a bad influence on America’s Sweetheart.

“Cara is always partying but Taylor barely even drinks!” whispers my spy. “Taylor has built a multimillion dollar empire off her good-girl image, and swears that Cara won’t influence her in a negative way, but no one trusts Cara. Everyone is warning Taylor to stay away.”

Cara Delevingne


My my, darlings, strong words, n’est ce pas? Personally, I love that T is spicing up her otherwise bland band of bitches and adding a real live bad girl to the mix, if for no other reason, perhaps CD can steer TS away from those dreadful high-waist shorts she always insists upon wearing.

But hmmm…I must admit that Cara is an odd addition to Taylor’s clique. What could they possibly have in common besides Harry heartbreak? Just looking at CD you can tell she’s crazy as a sack of weasels (as my grandmummy used to say) and Taylor is, well, I suppose if you ask her ex BFs, she’s a little nutty too. So perhaps these two It Girls are kindred spirits, no?

Taylor Swift 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards


Do you think Taylor should steer clear of hard-partying Cara or can girlfriends be total opposites and still BFFs?


  1. vianne Said:

    she probably needs a new inspiration fo her songs. about a girl like cara.

  2. Diana-gg Said:

    They can be opposites and still be BFFs, look at Blair (Taylor) and Serena (Cara)… yet they were too cute

  3. ohlala Said:

    if taylor keeps going out with cara, she’s gonna be the new miley or something like that… Tay, keep the way you are! Don’t let Cara influence you, please!!

  4. Diana-gg Said:

    ofcourse opposites can be besties, look at our fav besties Blair (=goodie_two_shoes=Taylor) and Serena (=party girl= Cara)
    yet they were sooooo cuteeee

  5. blairw Said:

    First of all, they are not besties they are friends. Her best friends are Abigail, Sele, Ed Sheeran and then she ha besties like Lorde and stuff. Cara is not a bestie.
    Secondly, Tay has been in the industry since she was 16. She, at such a young age, managed to never drink until she was 21, she openly says she never went to a club etc. She is a very bright young woman and if guys whom she loved cannot drive her away from her way of living, how the hell could a friend do that?

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