9 Times Taylor Swift Made Us Think She Was a Crazy Cat Lady

People are like onions… everyone has different layers and it’s up to the rest of us to cut through them. Take Taylor Swift for example. On the outside she may look like a super cute, super young superstar, but when you dig a little deeper, you realize she’s nothing but a crazy cat lady.

My minions, who were obviously worried about me choosing her over them after my recent obsession with wanting to be her BFF, put together a PowerPoint presentation in hopes that I would change my mind. I don’t know, loves… their argument is pretty convincing… let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Her wardrobe is cat inspired.

2. She encourages her cat to use her as a jungle gym.

3. Taylor has play dates with her kitten.

Photo Credit: @taylorswift13


4. In her mind, Meredith is a person with equal human benefits.

5. Even Kitty Purry, woops, Katy Perry, talks about T Swift’s cat.

6. Like a proud mama, she thinks her kitten is the cutest ever.

7. Taylor and Meredith communicate.

8. Her nights consist of this:

9. Which might explain why Taylor’s second kitty (and newest addition to the family!) is named Olivia Benson.


Tell me Upper East Siders, do you think T-Swizzle is going to lose it and become a cat hoarder or does she just really, really love her kittens?


  1. meow lover Said:

    love meredith so much!!<3

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