Spotted: Taylor Swift Sports Dark Hair For Her New Movie Role

Spotted: Taylor Swift sporting a very different look on the set of her new flick The Giver. Yes, darlings, her blonde locks are now a shade of brown, but don’t worry–I hear it’s just a wig!


Tay has a supporting role in the flick, which stars Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, and  Alexander Skarsgard. Acting is something the singer definitely wants to do more of: “That’s always something that’s in the back of my mind,” she tweeted recently. You’ll be able to see more of T.Swizzle and her brunette hair when the film comes out next year.

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While we wait for her new project to make its way to the big screen, let’s take a vote on Tay’s new hue, shall we? What hair color do you rather on Ms. Swift? Blonde or Brown? Vote in the poll below, then head down to the comments and tell me if you’re looking forward to seeing her in The Giver! XOXO

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  1. lola Said:

    TBH everyone looks GREAT as god made him , and i love her as a blonde , i am actually brunette but i really cant imagine myself as a blonde lol i would look SO Funny

  2. Megan Said:

    I think she would look better as a brunette.

  3. Brittany Said:

    Is this movie based off of the book?

  4. Kati Farkas Said:

    Taylor Swift should most definitely stick with singing. Didn’t anyone see Valentine’s Day?

  5. shax Said:

    Not looking forward to seeing her in the book at all – mostly because I’m pissed off with how they’re casting people way too old for the roles of Jonas and the other near his age (the older characters are ok, though). It’s a children’s book, not young adult. There’s a difference.

  6. mimzy Said:

    I think she should stick to her blonde hair. She looks better on it.

  7. Melissa Said:

    Ha ha, yes, Kati Farkas! And she only had to play herself in that movie, basically. If you can’t even act like yourself, that’s a problem.

  8. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    “I think he is the one,” says Taylor.

    Weeks later..


    The singer has had multiple boyfriends who have suffered the sad thought they chose to be with Taylor. In fact, I met Taylor Lautner at a party. Of course he was totally drunk off his ass, but I got a bit of drama out of his wine cup!

    TL says, “Taylor was awesome. But it got confusing when we had the same name.”

  9. Mary Said:

    Hahha, lol that u r hating on Valentine´s day:D I hope you know her role was a dumb blonde stereotype of teenage girls?!? Anyway, am looking forward to the movie :) I guess we will see if she actually can act!

  10. Scryptic Said:

    I just hope we don’t see the movie AND her possible acting career to down in flames. I agree with the haters of V-Day– hello blonde, busty, and not-to-bright –but I definitely think she has a shot. After all, who needs talent in Hollywood when you’ve got those kind of looks? But at least keep the light-colored locks Tay– brunette is one phase of your life you won’t be able to write a song about and move on if things go south ;)

  11. Cailin Said:

    Her Blonde locks did suit her, But I’ve gotta say seeing T.Swizzle with a shade of chocolate in her hair is extremely refreshing

  12. Jane Said:

    Blonde is definetely the better look on her. She isn’t the brünette type. I am so glad this is just a wig! In my point of view it will be interessting to watch her with this new look. Perhaps it could be like spotting a new side in her. I look forward to watch the movie.

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