Taylor Swift Does Dinner with Steven Spielberg

Does Taylor Swift have her sights set on (more) Hollywood stardom? Or is there another reason that The Giver actress dined with mega-director Steven Spielberg earlier this week?

Larry Busacca/Getty Images and Raymond Hall/GC Images

My spies in the Hamptons took a moment away from sunning to report in that TayTay and Spielberg dined together at the East Hampton Grill, along with the director’s wife, Kate Capshaw, and step-daughter, Jessica Capshaw. Taylor arrived to the restaurant with a few friends while the director was already eating with his family. Kate invited Taylor and her crew over, and the restaurant staff happily obliged them by putting two tables together (I dare them to say no to anyone involved in that group, let alone all of them together). My minions tell me that Taylor and Steven talked together for hours during this unplanned dinner meeting.

Let’s think about this: Other than Taylor wanting a part in one of Mr. Spielberg’s films, what else could have the two the two be chatting so intently? Taylor’s long-love for Jaws? Steven miffed that Taylor didn’t invite him to her 4th of July party? A future duet between the two? I don’t think so.

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Tell me what you think, minions? Does Taylor have some blockbusters in her future?


  1. Jen Said:

    If anyone in Hollywood wants their movie to be a success leave taylor swift out of them. I’m not going to even go see the giver because of her

  2. blairw Said:

    Jen, that actitud is so stupid and immature that I am convinced you are 12 or 13. If you aren’t, then man, ouch.

  3. Tatiana Said:

    Its because shes friends with his step daughter…..

  4. I love her Said:

    Taylor can act ofcourse would love to see her in another movies i dont care about you JEN and im sure taylot dont care either if you dont like to watch the giver Lol cause i know that many will

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