Exes & Ohs: Look at All of Taylor Swift’s Past Boyfriends

With Taylor Swift‘s recent breakup with Harry Styles, everyone is up in arms about how many boyfriends the singer is going to go through until she finally settles down. My two cents? She’s young, pretty and single. Just let the girl have some fun!

Here’s a collection of some of her most memorable boyfriends. From Conor Kennedy (ahh, really young love…) to John Mayer (what in the world was she thinking?) to Joe Jonas (I guess you have to start somewhere…) these boys have shaped her romantic life and provided us with tons of entertainment along the way. Check out the gallery below and tell me which one you thought was the best for her:

Harry Styles

The inspiration for the song, "I Knew You Were Trouble," Taylor should have trusted her gut and not dated the British bad boy who she ultimately wasn't compatible with.

Conor Kennedy

This breakup is still too fresh to have a song written about it, but it'll be fun to hear what T has to say about her 18-year-old ex beau.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Just to make it very clear that their 10-year age difference relationship was over, Taylor wrote the song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" about Jake.

Cory Monteith

While both pretended that they were just friends, many whispers were going around that they actually hooked up.

John Mayer

Dear John... you should have never dated someone so young to begin with.

Taylor Lautner

Taylor + Taylor = <3? Not so fast. The two met while filming Valentine's Day together and then broke up quickly. "Back to December is believed to be the song she wrote about their romance.

Lucas Till

Lucas was her "You Belong With Me" music video co-star briefly, but they broke up because "I really just liked her as a friend," Lucas said.

Joe Jonas

He broke up with her over the phone and she wrote the song 'Forever & Always" about the JoBro, calling him a scared little boy.


  1. ggada Said:

    there is so many i cant decide!Tay ♥♥♥

  2. thesewingsaremadetoflyx Said:

    That picture of her and Lucas Till is so fake.

  3. plr ebooks Said:

    Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty a lot the same page layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  4. Someone Said:

    Taylor was looking really cute with Harry1 I would’ve loved to see them together for more time. Hope you get someone nice next time(hopefully last time).

  5. Rummor Said:

    Taylor and Taylor were so great together! I wish they got back together… And Harry was horrible for her, just like John. And i liked her with Jake… Oh well..

  6. Peride Said:

    Rummor is right. Taylor and Harry was horrible together.

  7. Rajesh155a Said:

    You looks really so great with harry styles, and i like to see you again with him becoz he’s cool and generous. It would be better if u’ll settle with him. Try to realize the real life,taylor. Don’t enjoy alot try to be a serious?

  8. Alice Said:

    Wow,it seemed to be happiness but not really. Now I have an idea about her fantastic songs came from~!

  9. Arthur Said:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Taylor,Taylor,Taylor….You are very nice

  10. Axel Said:

    She is a slut, i hate her !

  11. bella Said:


  12. stenelie Said:

    Taylor Why so many Boyfriends and After the Break-up A Pretty Song on the List!!..

    Taylor Pretty great!
    You inspired me so much…

  13. Sally Said:

    Having Fun With them Taylor Looks Good!! ;D

    Great Taylor , Good Gurl.. :D :D


  14. Renoldah Said:

    Taylor n Taylor were perfect together, I still wish they could just give it another shot hey!

  15. Nicole Said:

    A lot of people say that Harry was a jerk for leaving Taylor and stuff like that. Well, I say Taylor’s such a PERVERT for hitting on Harry.

    She’s better with Taylor Lautner. And please Taylor, Enough is enough. Look , I like you, I just don’t like you. But I do like you as a person but I just don’t. #sorrynotsorry

  16. Bri Said:

    Funny that there’s no way the I Knew You Were Trouble could be about Harry considering they started dating the same month her shitty cd came out, which means she wrote the song BEFORE THEY WERE EVER TOGETHER. She’s a piece of shit and so stuck up it’s not even funny. I’ve met her MANY times, twice while her and Harry were dating and not only was she an absolute bitch to me every single time when I was nothing but nice to her but she treated him like a dog and he was SO good to her.

  17. Nic Said:

    I think Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are a very cute couple

  18. tiny Tim Said:

    Love to see Taylor Swift single for at lease 2 years

  19. not important Said:

    I think Taylor is just a young hot girl who has all the right to date who ever she wants. all these people have such a problem with her dating so many people but there obviously is something good in her considering she has had all these amazing boyfriends. . And at least out off all these breakups she is making good music and getting good money out of it. I don’t see any of us getting huge money out of a song we wrote after we went through a breakup. let her live her life

  20. not important Said:

    Also all these people always have so much to say about her having so many boyfriends but little do they know the more they talk about her the more publicity she gets so basically by talking so much about her is only benefiting her. I love Taylor and I am proud of her for staying true to who she is and living life to the fullest. I know that none of us would complain about having a boyfriend such as Harry Styles, joe Jonas, or Taylor Lautner.

  21. ggirllover543 Said:

    taylor and talor where great together xoxo :) ;) <3

  22. gabi Said:

    Taylor dated all the hottest boys in the world, she’s so lucky! Who never wanted to be her?!?!

  23. Isabelle Said:

    Taylor didn’t date Lucas Till and Cory Monteith, but all the others… I just liked Taylor Squared and TaCo. Haylor was romantic, but it looked like they were for publicity.

  24. Ivey Said:

    I’m a Taylor Squared shipper, but at the same time Tay and conor kennedy were just so adorable together..

  25. Nate Said:

    All but 3 of them are gay.

  26. Dylan Said:

    How to add a new button to firefox navigation toolbar?

  27. Grace Said:

    Love Taylor’s songs but why are they always love songs it’s kinda boarding
    But I like her
    Mostly cause of her hair when it’s curled its so pretty
    My best friend carly loves Taylor swift bye

  28. Grace Said:

    Why does Taylor have so many boyfriends just pick a boy and stay with him it’s not that hard

  29. colleen Said:

    everyone compares taylor swift to miley cyrus and saying that everyone calls miley the slut when she has only dated one person and taylor swift has dated many more but thats not true and first off, miley cyrus has dates more than 1 person before and you shouldnt compare someone to another person and they are totally different and have different personalities so

  30. dont tripp , not famouss Said:

    i think taylor & taylor was perfect together ! tbh , better than all jer other relationships .

  31. Ricardo Said:

    Taylor seems nice, at least in her videos, but she in so need to grow up, she looks like a teen, all of her videos are so plastic and fake, shake it up, shake it up what? Always talking bout her BF which btw seems to doesnt give a shit bout her.. Grow up, Grow some balls, and do something to ur hair..

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