Creep Alert! Taylor Swift Fan Arrested for Scary Sign at Concert

What’s weirder than a man at a Taylor Swift concert? A man at the concert holding up a “Taylor Swift is Satan” sign. It’s definitely going to stand out among the crowd of neon posters with messages to the singer using words like “enchanted” and “fearless” written in glitter. But one man didn’t care and he did it anyway. And then he got arrested.

During Tay’s concert in Pittsburgh this weekend, a guy named Joseph Jackson was escorted out and taken into custody by cops after the poster incident — he also had made death threats on Facebook prior to the show. He reportedly told the cops, “Taylor Swift is Satan and that 6,000 years is six days and death comes on the sixth day, so Taylor Swift is in danger.” Huh? Obviously he was forced to undergo mental evaluation because, of course….

Stay safe out there, my little minions. People are crazy. And if this guy doesn’t get to you, there’s always someone else out there who could be just as cray (like Amanda Bynes).

Taylor Swift 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards


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  1. Diana-gg Said:

    hahaha omg that man should have a drink on me xD

  2. Jules Said:

    It makes me sad how much Amanda Bynes is being made fun of. She obviously has mental issues and doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

  3. Tiahna Said:

    Taylor Swift deserves to be treated better then to be hurt and embarassed in front of a whole mob of people… thank god that guy got arrested before any further harm happened. just saying :)

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