Taylor Swift: “I’m a Really Good Girlfriend. BUT…”

“I’m a really good girlfriend. But I’m a nonexistent ex-girlfriend.”Taylor Swift chats about her dating style and proves that she has basically zero self awareness.

Taylor, I love you. I do. But, you are anything but a non-existent ex. You are, in fact, an omnipresent ex girlfriend, popping up on your ex’s radio stations, TVs, red carpets and who knows where else. You are literally the worst ex in history because it’s all you talk about.

taylor swift


Not that I blame you. If I dated Harry Styles I’d never STFU about it, ditto with J.Gylls. Nor would I prance around pretending that I just fade into the background, quietly and with dignity, once a romance goes bust. You may no longer deign to be friends with your former flames, but you definitely still exist to them. Trust.

But T, I do believe that you are a good GF, but I also think that you choose the worst boys in history to give your love to. While I lust over Harry, he’s not exactly marriage material, and Conor Kennedy is in high school. So my dear, my advice is to choose better boys–or choose a different career. You know you love me Tay, because I’m always right…XOXO.


  1. Kimk Said:

    Me caga su cara de puta zorra que se hace pendeja

  2. Carol Said:


  3. Jenna Said:

    Hey! you forgot Taylor Lautner!… he’s the exception to her mistakes hahaha

  4. Jasmina Said:

    GG this is by far the most accurate and hilarious post you’ve ever done. Maybe I only adore it so much because I despise T-Swizzle.. Everything you’ve said is so true it hurts. YOU GO GIRL! xoxo

  5. pocketfull Said:

    Well said GG. Taylor Swift, take note and quit making statements!!

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