BFF Alert: Taylor Swift Bakes Cookies with Olympic Medalist

It looks like Taylor Swift has (another) BFF, and this time it’s 18 year-old Olympic Medalist Gracie Gold! In the past couple of weeks, the new New Yorker Taylor has been spotted having girl time with models Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, and now she’s added Gracie in the rotation of BFF musical chairs.


Taylor and Gracie, who together sound like a tragically boring kids show, spent Wednesday evening baking together. Naturally, selfies followed, which Ms. Swift captioned “First we baked a bunch of cookies and then we made faces @graciegold95.”

Taylor Swift’s social schedule has become so busy, I’m getting exhausted even following it. Wait, I think it’s actually that her newest “fun” night in has just bored me to the point that I’m falling asleep.


Ladies: you’re young! You’re well-known! You are in the second-greatest city in the world (J’aime Paris). Don’t spend your evenings in doing old people things in the kitchen. There are personal chefs for that.

Let’s help Taylor plan a better girls night. What should she do this weekend, ladies?


  1. Katheryn Said:

    Her social circle is so huge

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