Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld Couldn’t Get a Table at LA Hotspot

Sometimes, no matter how famous you are, you have to wait in line like everyone else. I should clarify that I personally have never had to, but I’m sure it happens all the time to other people. Case in point, Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld: the two besties were looking forward to checking out LA hotspot Gjelina, a popular restaurant in Venice. But, it’s so good that if you don’t have a reservation, the line to get a table is usually out the door.

So, the girls tried to use their charm and fame power to get seated quickly but were told the restaurant was too busy to accommodate them. Ha and ha.

Next time, darlings, have your assistants call ahead. That’s ultimately what they’re there for, n’est-ce pas? XOXO



  1. Sonia Tanyah Said:

    lol dat was so stupet of them..hahahah and ha

  2. grammer freak Said:

    stupid not stupet

  3. MavixLayne Said:

    grammar not grammer

  4. Kati Farkas Said:

    Grammar, not grammer ;)

  5. Adonkadonk Said:

    Wow..people can’t even insult people correctly..haha shows how stupid some people are..lol

  6. Sara Said:

    Speaking of grammar, it’s “that” not “dat”… Dummies!

  7. namers Said:

    Maybe she’s a Kelsey Grammer fan.

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