Taylor Swift Goes to the Studio to Seek Revenge on Harry Styles

Spotted: Taylor Swift wiping her tears away and seeking revenge on her ex Harry Styles the best way she knows how — the written word.

The heartbroken singer posted a pic of herself sitting in the recording studio strumming her guitar with the caption “Somewhere in LA.” We all know that her new album is going to feature many songs about the 18-year-old Brit. But wouldn’t it be amazing if it didn’t? Like my motto says, “You’re no one until you’re talked about,” therefore she’s just making Harry into a bigger deal if she sings about him.

Dearest Taylor, when I want someone to really feel the pain, I don’t write harsh words about them… I completely ignore. And it stings them every time. XOXO

taylor swift

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift


  1. thesewingsaremadetoflyx Said:

    When’s the next single coming out Taylor? Next week? I’m sure Harry’s delighted x

  2. ggada Said:


  3. xxbarbiebitchxx Said:

    Her new song: ”I went in wrong direction”. But I wish she would write a song ”Maybe I’m the problem” x)

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