Cute or Ew: Taylor Swift In Braces and Glasses

Has Taylor Swift finally hit her awkward phase? The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer was spotted donning a pair of Coke-bottle glasses and shiny metal braces during a promo for her upcoming appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. But before you go off and celebrate the fact that Miss Swift is no longer competition for your celebrity crushes, know that her geek gear is (sadly) just props to promote a skit she’ll be in when she’s on the show.

taylor swift in braces and glasses


Meet Natalie, Taylor’s alter-ego. She’s going to visit Sara, the host of The Tonight’s Show beloved skit “Ew,” which is what I believe to be an accurate portrayal of teenage girls outside of my clique in high school.

Check out Tay like you’ve never seen her before:

Tell me, Upper East Siders, does Tay give you the LOLz when you see her doing something like this, or is the only thing funny about her comedy attempt how bad she is at it?


  1. danielle Said:

    ughhh i hate herrrr

  2. Jen Said:

    well i love herrrr!!!

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