Taylor Swift’s 5 Best Comments on Fans’ Instagram Pics

Yet another reason why I simply adore Taylor Swift… I hear the singer of all those songs that get stuck in our heads has been commenting with sweet notes to her fans on their Instagram pics. I mean, I may be a bitch, but that doesn’t mean I can’t praise others for their kindness…

An Instagram account called “Taylor Noticed” has been collecting some of T.Swizzle’s notes to fans. Here are the best, in my opinion:

Cooking Inspiration

Telling It Like It Is

Famous Foodie

Swifty Being Silly

And the Best One…

Has Taylor (or any other celeb) ever left a comment for you on social media? Tell me about it below! XOXO

PS- say hello to Taylor Swift’s new kitten Olivia Benson. I’m not a cat person (no thanks…), but I’ll admit this one is kind of cute!

taylor swift cat


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  1. Kalyn Said:

    those aren’t even the best ones. I read one where she left a huge paragraph to a girl that was being bullied. it was soo sweet

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