SHOCKER: Taylor Swift is Already Creeping Out Harry Styles

I tres adore Taylor Swift, but dating her increasingly sounds like a complete disaster. While she’d like us to believe that she’s an angel who is constantly jilted by big, bad boyfriends, I hear a very different story, namely that her incredibly clingy behavior is creeping out her latest beau, Harry Styles.

Sources tell Star magazine that while Harry has never exactly seemed like the settling-down type, she’s convinced that their rekindled romance will go the distance and is already talking to him about marriage and (shudder) babies. Not surprisingly, 18-year-old Harry is horrified beyond belief, but even more afraid of what might happen if he break’s Taylor’s heart–again. Not only will her Twitter fans lose their minds, but TS might too and pen her most bitter breakup song yet!

Did Harry seal his own fate by jumping back with Taylor? Or does he need to grab ahold of a great girl while he has her?

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  1. ggada Said:

    Tay+Harry= maybe not

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