Taylor Swift’s ACM Awards Show Tantrum Over John Mayer

Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned…at an awards show. I hear that T was “bitter” and “irked” that John Mayer turned up at the ACM awards on April 7, hollering that she HAD to take the stage earlier than he did. Apparently Taylor felt that performing after JM would be a downgrade to her fame–do you agree darlings?

john mayer on taylor swift


In any case, even though Tay got her way, insiders say she was still a grouchy mess the entire night, partly because of John’s presence and partly because she went home empty-handed. Why, I hear she even skipped a dinner in her honor after the show and went straight home to lick her wounds…and no doubt pen another thinly-veiled┬áballad about the incident.

Taylor darling, I know all too well that dating within your own circle can lead to some awkward run-ins. But if you don’t like it, fish from a different pond–or learn to get a grip and bite your lip.

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