Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber’s Stinky Perfume Sales

Something’s rotten with Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber’s fragrance empires. Perfume giant Elizabeth Arden says that T and J’s scents are so unpopular, they’re responsible for the company’s sales taking a serious nosedive.

Taylor Swift Press Conference For The Weinstein Company's "The Giver"

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“The decline in sales of the celebrity fragrances, particularly the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift fragrances, was steeper than anticipated,” the company said in a statement.

Clearly, JB’s scents are tanking because he is terrible. His perfumes–Girlfriend, Someday and The Key–actually smell fine but who in this day and age wants to be seeing purchasing something JB branded? Precisely no one, obviously.

Justin Bieber Fragrance Launch

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But Taylor’s sluggish sales surprises me. Her fragrances, Wonderstruck and Taylor, are lovely, and I would think they’d be a hit with her girly-girl fans, don’t you? Perhaps it’s just that shoppers don’t want any celeb-branded items, or maybe their fanbases are growing out of the stage where you want to meet, love, pet and smell like their favorite star.

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What do you think is to blame for JB and TS’s epic fragrance fails? Do you have any celeb scents on your vanity? If not, what are your go-to perfumes when you want to smell absolutely irresistible?


  1. Tired Said:

    I love T’s perfume but its just too expensive

  2. W&W Said:

    JB’s perfume smells amazing. I don’t know why people won’t buy because of him. They’re getting it for the smell, not who evers name is written on it.

  3. Lee Said:

    Nothing is wrong wid taylor or her perfume!

  4. Nina Said:

    I am French and a perfume snob so… Givenchy (Ange ou Démon, Very Irrésistible), Chanel (Chance, Mademoiselle), Calvin Klein (Euphoria), Nina Ricci (La Tentation de Nina), Christian Dior (J’adore Dior). My very first perfume as a little girl was Versace. JB’s and T-Swift’s bottles both look cheap and unattractive. If they’re expensive they may smell very nice but not look like they are worth the price.

  5. Ashley Said:

    I own the Taylor one and I love it. I use it regularly. When I bought it though, I bought it for the smell. I wasn’t even a fan of Taylor swift at the time. I think there comes an age when people get over the name of a celebrity and don’t buy everything with their name on it and I think that age is the age that actually have that kind of money to fork out for a scent. I know if I had a young child, I wouldn’t be buying them a 75$ perfume just because of the celebrity.

  6. vicky Said:

    The whole idea behind these perfumes is for people to buy them because of the celebrity name attached; the celebrities themselves are doing it for the money, and I think that now people are not buying the perfumes because of the unlikeable celebrity endorsement. The other thing is that most people who are big enough fans of JB to buy his perfume are too young to afford an overpriced perfume to begin with, leading to the poor sales.

  7. steph Said:

    I have both Taylor’s and Justin’s perfumes and I have to say, it smells amazing. But these days the scent does not matter, the brand does. What a waste.

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