Is Taylor Swift Seething Over Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner?

In a word minions, yes. At least according to my insider at In Touch weekly, who whispers that Taylor Swift is furious that her ex Harry Styles would deign to date a lowly Kardashian like Kendall Jenner.

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Apparently T was running her pretty little lips at the American Music Awards and refused to be any where near the 18-year-old brunette, who is reportedly “inseparable” from Harry since their dinner date.

“Taylor was telling a friend how trashy Kendall is and that back when they were dating, Harry used to make fun of the Kardashians becasue they have no talent,” sniped the source. “She absolutely hates that Kendall is hanging out with Harry.”

kendall jenner harry styles


While I definitely believe that Taylor is fuming over Harry’s new squeeze–she isn’t exactly the poster child for moving on with grace and quiet dignity–I’m not so certain that he and KJ are destined to become Hollywood’s new It Couple. Harry is far too wild to settle with just one girl, even if it is one as lovely as Kendall. But I can picture Mama Kris scheming to keep her little girl loved up with Harry and thus grow Kendall’s fame, can’t you?

So sorry Taylor, you may want to get used to the idea of Harry getting a lot closer with America’s (least) favorite family…XOXO.


  1. Ella Said:

    This is interesting. Maybe we should have The Ex Girlfriends of Harry Styles as a MTV TV show. I know it’ll get sky high ratings.

  2. anikaa Said:

    Taylor needs to get over it just cause her and Harry not together he can’t have any female friends or date like for real Taylor go find a new guy to write a song about.

  3. Jennifer Said:

    I don’t think that’s your little “insider source” lots of magazine out insider source just to make it sound legit when in fact they either totally made it up themselves or it’s a rumor so I don’t think this is acceptable

  4. Emily Said:

    Ella, I think you mean Taylor Swift should have a show about ex boyfriends. Harry styles can count on one hand the number of public relationships he’s had, while Taylor had resorted to using hands and toes. Not only that but he knows how to keep shut and remained poised .

  5. Joe Said:

    Harry has dated more in her young age than Taylor but it gets overlooked. Because he is a guy? Male privilege?

    Also such a funny stereotype. When guys date after the breakup then they are moving on. But when girls do the same then they are trying to get over the allmighty male. Please…

    This story is obviously BS as are 99% stories published in trash publication like In Touch.

  6. Alicia Said:

    Well, I don’t think it’ll work out between KJ and HS but why not give them a try and show them that they won’t work out. it’s not like they care what we think…

  7. selener Said:

    @Joe, I think Harry’s dating history is not always talked about because he doesn’t write songs about his exes to make money. Not like America’s “sweetheart” over here.

    Also this is probably Kris’ idea. More fame more $$$$

  8. Jorge Said:

    i honestly think me and Harry will end up together<3

  9. Irena Said:

    Ahahaha, what now Taylor? You jealous? You want Harry back now? No, no. I don’t know why he even dated you at first place. I just love Harry and Kendall :)#GoHendall

  10. daisy Said:


  11. Travis Said:

    Kendall Jenner $2 million

    Taylor Swift $105 million

    Enough said!

  12. Patricia Said:

    This is so not true. Please stop saying this things about Taylor. She is very busy right now and she doesn’t have the time to say that things to people. Not everything you read on the internet and magazines are true.

  13. Eva Said:

    *because not becasue

  14. Milli Said:

    i can understand that you are jelous(talking to taylor),but hey give him a break,you guys dated like….2-3 months?

  15. Lola Said:

    I can’t emphasise how much I HATE the Kardashians enough. I mean, they have no talent and they are filthy rich yet they don’t even give as much as a used tissue to charity… Grrrr..

  16. Kardashians a.k.a FAMEWHORE! Said:

    Do you guys even know that Taylor broke up with Harry & harry wants her back so bad. Who would want to date a barely 18yrs old posting her sagging breast on the internet for fame? Ohh i forgot they dont have TALENT & thats the only way they can think of to be noticed. Harry said to good morning america that he is very much single and available after a dinner with kendall & a friend! P.S TAYLOR DATED ONLY 6 GUYS & THE REASON SHE HAVE SHORT RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE SHE KNOWS WHEN TO WALK AWAY!

  17. Leslie Said:

    Never really fond of Taylor. Not that I hate her. Her songs all sound the same to me. 1? 2? 3? failed relationships.. maybe it’s the boys but with Taylor? oh c’mon, I think it must be really her that’s got issues. She’s like a doll that everyone would love because of her beautiful looks but after that, there’s nothing much to it. She should just move on..and stop using all the boyfriends to make new songs and make all the drama. I will never choose her over Miley C.

  18. Axl Said:

    I juts can’t believe that, Taylor its such a b*tch!, she’s so unhappy and she wants Harry to feel that way too, but im so sorry for her, BTW, Kendall Jenner its gorgeous, not like that Taylor bug face.

  19. sindy Said:

    the above comments are making me cringe so much WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CARE SO MUCH

  20. Nunya Said:

    Although I am not a fan of the Kardashians……Taylor Swift is a joke. How does she look herself in the mirror every morning knowing she got famous writing songs about her love interests. Pathetic if you ask me! If I were a man I wouldnt be anywhere near Taylor Swift for fear of becoming the topic of her next so called big hit!

  21. charmax Said:

    god she is so insecure about herself and she is jealous of every girl. you don t have to hate kendall because it was you who ended the relationship. if you want him back just go for it girl,but stop being so stupid.

  22. Jasslene Said:

    Taylor is just hating on Kendall, I’m not a fan of none of them but everyone thinks tay is innocent but she’s not she talks crap about everyone.. She should grow up already and get over it forget the past and move on!

  23. Poplove Said:

    This come from a girl who had a long list before and after harry? How many guys she dated after harry i cant even count with my hands .. Need to stop opening her mouth .. Before Kanye come out and say : Sorry Taylor Swift .. But Kendall is the best Harry ever had!

  24. Sydney Said:

    Almost every artist these days (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, One direction) all have albums that are all about relationships and exes but somehow Taylor Swift is the only one that everyone talks shit about

  25. SamiaSwiftie13 Said:

    As far as I know Taylor hasn’t been with anyone since Harry. She isn’t a slut or whatever you hypocrites label her. She writes songs about her relationships to share her experiences with us so when we have no one we can turn to Taylor’s wonderfully written music. She writes so we can relate and learn from her mistakes. She is too busy with her career to bother with Harry’s lovelife.

  26. AliciaJane Said:

    Taylor is not a SLUT!, Why do you keep hating her? She moved on a long long looooooong time ago, If you think her songs are all about her exboyfriends, NOPE that’s not true, she also writes song about other peoples lives, I mean why would she focus with her exboyfriends when we all know that she’d already move on??? I mean we can’t laugh at the same Jokes all-over again so why would she cry over that same issue all-over again, Taylor Swift is a strong, young person, can’t you believe it?

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