Taylor Swift Tossed Out of Kennedy Wedding–But Refuses to Leave!

Spotted: Kennedy matriarch Victoria Gifford Kennedy intercepting Taylor Swift as the popstar attempted to stroll into the wedding of Victoria’s daughter, Kyle Kennedy, Saturday in Boston.

Vic had already texted Taylor that she was not welcome at the event, lest she take attention away from the blushing bride, but Tay and BF Conor Kennedy crashed the black-tie affair anyway. To Victoria’s horror, Taylor indeed turned everyone’s focus away from the couple at the altar, thanks to a throng of autograph-hungry fans at the reception’s entrance.

taylor swift conor kennedy


You know I’m ever the rebel, but even I would be loathe to crash a wedding when the MOB didn’t approve. Is this just another creepy, pathetic attempt by Taylor to insert herself into the most glittering family this side of Buckingham Palace?

Tay darling, I know you’re itching to become American royalty, but remember, royals always mind their manners. Unless of course you’re Prince Harry…XOXO.


  1. OMFGG Said:

    Lol, Taylor!

  2. annas Said:

    Is he wearing Taylor’s flipflops in the picture? They look girly and too small for his feet.

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