Taylor Swift Left a $500 Tip and Concert Tickets for a Philadelphia Chef

Hey, big spender! Taylor Swift is at least putting your hard-earned money to good use. I hear she, Ed Sheeran, and Austin Mahone were craving something other than arena food after their concert in Philadelphia last week and headed over to Ralph’s Italian Restaurant for a late-night meal.

The restaurant’s chef was a huge fan of T.Swizzle and gushed to her about how his mom and autistic son regularly listen to her music while he’s at work. Feeling super generous, Taylor (who posed for pics with the staff) handed over two tix to her concert for the following night and gave him a $500 tip.

(Granted, that’s basically what I give as a tip for every dinner I have, but whatever…)

Do you think Taylor did this from the heart, or was she secretly hoping her good deed would make it to the press?

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  1. Ines Said:

    I know she should be a lot more secretive about her love life, but I honestly think she’s a good person. I think it was a nice gesture and just a good deed.

  2. Treenuh_kaye Said:

    I highly doubt she did this for the press… I mean come on, just no.

  3. Stephanie Said:

    She did it out of kindness. Before she was super super famous she used to pay for the next person in the drive thru at Starbucks, too. Taylor enjoys good deeds. She visited a children’s hospital in town, as well.

  4. Is Said:

    If she did it for the press, she’d be handing out $500 tips every other time she went out for dinner.

  5. cami Said:

    In my opinion taylor is a realy good person that made this as an act of love

  6. Sybil Said:

    I think she meant it, she seems like a sweet girl and it’s not like she’s hard pressed to find money

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