Scene & Heard: Taylor Swift On Her Lonely Past

“I started writing songs because I wasn’t invited to parties and sleep-overs. I wasn’t noticed by the guy I like.” – Taylor Swift revealed her sad past to the Daily Star and gave insight into what made her the lovable man-eater she is today.

Turns out, putting pen to paper is what helped her get through that lonely time and gain confidence. “Writing songs has taught me a lot,” she added. “One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is there’s sometimes nothing you can do to make someone like you if they don’t.”

Truer words have never been spoken. And it seems as though Tay lives by my philosophy, a poison pen is the best revenge. See loves, Taylor and I are very similar. My enemies know to watch their back, for they never know when I’ll reveal their dirtiest and darkest secrets. And T.Swizzle’s exes live in constant fear that they’ll end up in one of her ridiculously catchy hit songs. You’re nobody until you’re sung about…

Have you ever had the same feelings as young Taylor? How did you get over being lonely? This is a safe space, darlings. You know I’ll never tell. XOXO

Taylor Swift 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards



  1. Priyanka saha Said:

    Same happens sometimes with me also Bt thank god it do not lasts for a long time. Bt yea the guy whom i love, he is ex now Bt whatever it is..the most saddest thing is that, he left me for no reason…! Tat hurts a lot. And Taylor is absolutely right about the power of a pen nd a paper…i dnt write songs…tat would b disastrous if i do so…:P
    Bt i am doing my studies a lot. And its really helpfull…

  2. ianamary Said:

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