Taylor Swift is Dishing Out Love Advice to Austin Mahone

Would you trust a therapist who was crazier than you? That’s kind of like taking love advice from Taylor Swift. Well, it turns out that the young and impressionable Austin Mahone is throwing caution to the wind and letting serial dater T.Swizzle tell him what to look for in someone special (because she’s had such good luck on her own…)

Her big advice? “She told me to find a good girl that’s not crazy, and has morals,” Austin told OK mag. The 17-year-old single pop star said that he can learn a lot from the 23-year-old megastar. While Tay’s advice was fine, I’m just not sure if it was really that useful or eye-opening. Even the crazies can hide their crazy for a little bit. Taylor seems to be a good job of that herself (I kid, kind of…)

What love advice would you give Austin? Dish it in a comment below!

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  1. ~ Little J Said:

    Honestly i would just say call me xD

  2. Megan Said:

    If I were a guy, I would look for a girl who has a good heart. I would look for a girl that has Jesus in her heart for the most part. A Christian girl who stays faithful to her man is the best girl you could have. In the bible, it talks about being equally yolked with your mate. That’s definitely something you want to be sure of in a relationship! If you let Jesus take the wheel, she’ll come for you. Just stay faithful and depend on God. Make sure you’ve know the girl for a long time.:) xoxo-Meg

  3. R Said:

    If you can find respect and trust, I believe that’s bigger than anything. :)

  4. D Said:

    My advice is to not date Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez…. He’ll end up like Bieber or end up getting songs written about him…. I think he should just stay far from celebs when it comes to the dating game.

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