Taylor Swift Made How Much Last Year?

I know a thing or two about the rich, darlings. And I’m not talking about those faux-wealthy folks who are renting that Bentley and living off their AmEx. I mean true wealth courtesy of a Morgan or Kennedy or Astor or anyone deriving from that family lineage. But you may want to add Swift to that name of illustrious moneymakers because Forbes is reporting that Taylor Swift made $64 million last year alone. 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Yes, T.Swizzle is absolutely rolling in cold hard cash, and earned the #18 spot on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list that counts the richest stars in our orbit. Miley Cyrus landed at #17 while Lady Gaga was #19. So who on Earth topped the list?

Elsa/Getty Images

That’s right dolls, Queen Bey, of course. Beyonce raked in $115 million thanks to 95 tour stops that earned her $2.4 million each. Each! LeBron James, Dr. Dre and Oprah rounded out the top five.

So here’s a question for you, my lambs: which celeb do you think will build a financial empire that will rival a Rockefeller’s? Or do you think Miley/Gaga/Taylor/Bey will run out of cash sooner rather than later?

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