Taylor Swift Lands a Movie With Meryl Streep!

Despite Taylor Swift’s mostly terrible performance in Valentine’s Day (remember that gem, minions?) I hear that Swifty has just closed the deal to star alongside Meryl Streep in the upcoming film, The Giver!

T will have a supporting role in the flick, which centers around a boy in a utopian society that is free of war or violence–or choices.

But T’s new gig comes with a bonus: a possible new boyfriend! Remember the boy she flirted up a storm with at the Toronto Film Fest, Aussie hottieĀ Brenton Thwaites?

Well he’s slated to be her costar and if I know Taylor, a showmance is bound to follow. Then again, the film also costars the delicious Alexander Skarsgard–I could totes picture him trying to seduce T too…

How do you think T will do this time on the big screen? Will she fare any better or should she simply stick to singing?

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  1. Irina Said:

    You must be kidding! I mean, Alexander is waaaay too mature for her. Just keep on mind the rollercoaster is her love life and how she reacts when she’s tired of her boyfriend of the week (yeah, a new hit).

  2. Jenn Said:

    NO WAY! it’s such an amazing book and this girl is going to be in it…. what a waste of money. I’m not watching it. She can’t act she can’t!!!

  3. Carolina Said:

    She just had a cameo on New Girl in May. If that is any indication then her acting skills have not improved. I love TSwizzle and I don’t understand why she can’t just put her energy and love into singing which she is good at. I really loved the Giver and I am terribly disappointed that she is going to be acting in it because she just really isn’t a good actress. I wish these celebrities would stop trying to do it all, they aren’t Justin Timberlake.

  4. Sadie Alice Said:

    just stick to singing T :)

  5. Sadie Alice Said:

    stick to singing T

  6. Laila Said:

    i love you taylor but you can’t act

  7. Robbie Said:

    Stick to singing, Taylor…and stop messing around with younger boys like Taylor… I couldn’t believe it when I read http://www.gossipmag.net/taylor-lautner-girlfriend/ … So many other fish in the sea, but you had to pick on little Taylor….

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