OMFGorgeous: Taylor Swift at the MuchMusic Awards

FINALLY. At long, long last, Taylor Swift, who once declared that she’d never want someone to see her as sexy, has realized that she has a killer body, flawless face and–hello!–should be dressing accordingly. I spied T at the MuchMusic Awards this weekend looking like exactly what she is: a hot, rich, young single starlet!

taylor swift


I’m loving her slinky sexy look in this Herve Leger for Max Azria dress, a delicious change from the usual retro silhouettes or sparkly gowns she opts for. Are you also thrilled to see T embrace her sexuality instead of constantly trying to downplay it? Or should she go back to the sweet little singer we know and love?


  1. Cece Said:

    I think she is gorgeous but I don’t know maybe I am not used to see her dressed like that.

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