Worn Out: Taylor Swift’s Nautical Style at the VMAs

I’m all for having an endless summer–why else would I winter in St. Barts?–but Taylor Swift needs to retire her Cape Cod-inspired outfits. Once upon a time, Tay knew how to dress for much-anticipated performances such as last night’s VMAs–glam gowns, high heels and sultry makeup. But this? A striped tee, black–not even navy!shorts and a…I can’t even say it…ponytail?! Are you performing your new song or nipping out to Target to pick up toilet paper?

Taylor, I know you spent a dreamy summer in Hyannis on Conor Kennedy’s sailboat, but you’re back on land now. Please start dressing like it…XOXO.


  1. ggada Said:

    agree with gg♥

  2. kenderson Said:

    Definitely agree. T looks like she’s straight out of Where’s Waldo.

  3. LenaBlak Said:

    I am SO tired of all the red aswell… I mean, I get her new album is called red but does she really have to wear all of that red lipstick and red clothes.. Everywhere?

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