OMFGorgeous: Taylor Swift’s Breakup Makeover

A breakover, shall we say. I am loving Taylor Swift sultry look at last night’s People’s Choice Awards in LA, for a few reasons. One, it’s about time that the girl who once declared that she never wants to be thought of as sexy (?!?!) is finally stepping up and using her considerable beauty to seduce and destroy. This slinky Ralph Lauren gown highlights her figure in all the right places, without looking trashy or exposing too much.

Also, this makeup works on her because it hides her undoubtedly tear-stained eyes and makes her look a little on the emo side which, given her¬†recent split from¬†Harry Styles, I’m sure that’s exactly how she’s feeling.

The only thing I would tweak about this look is T’s sad, somber expression. But then again, this girl has never been one to hide her emotions.

Do you think that Harry will take one look at these pics and jet out to LA to try and win her back? Or are these two done for good?

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