Is Taylor Swift Secretly Trying to Switch to Rock?

She’s a little bit country, and now she wants to be a little bit rock ‘n roll? I got a very interesting tip that makes me believe Taylor Swift is thinking about switching over from her country/pop roots and making a rock album in the near future.

One of my minions was recently sent a survey that included a ton of questions about Taylor (like, “What radio station would you expect to hear music by Taylor Swift?” and “If Taylor Swift put out a new album, how likely would you be to buy it?”). Then those taking the survey were asked to rate how they feel about certain rock bands such as Nickelback (ew), Foo Fighters, Vampire Weekend, and 311.

Interesting, right?

If this really is what we think it is, what do you guys think about Taylor transitioning over to rock for her next album? Should she make it her mission to conquer every musical genre or should she stick to what she already does so well? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

Taylor Swift out shopping in Hollywood



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  1. Cammarata Said:

    I think she should stay to country I love all her songs I have almost all her albums I would prefer her to stay with country.

  2. Jeffrey aka the real lonelyboy Said:

    I suppose she could be good in every genre, but please don’t do any genres that doesn’t feature a guitar and drums or a piano and is all about electro. And if she wants to make rock music, she better listens to better rock bands, because foo fighters is just a disgrace. Maybe The Pretty Reckless could be a good suggestion.

  3. Amy Said:

    she should stick with country and pop

  4. Little C Said:


  5. renee Said:

    I’m sick of hearing her on my country stations! Let her go…

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