Taylor Swift: I Only Date Guys I Can Write Songs About

Mamas, lock up your sons. Taylor Swift is on the prowl for some new album inspiration, and to T.Swizzle, that requires just one thing: a new boyfriend!

“I am getting to the point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about,” tattled Tay in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “And mad kind of love. I think that for me, when you experience something that’s worth writing a song about, chances are it’s the same kind of intense feeling that someone else has felt.”

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I see where T is going with this, but she may not want to be quite so upfront about the fact that she’s going to blast them in a ballad ASAP. Even if a song were complimentary, most guys prefer to keep their love lives out of the Billboard charts, I find.

Should T at least try to pretend that her songs aren’t about a certain Styles or Gyllenhaal or Mayer? Or is she right to give fair warning to anyone who wants to date a pop star?

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  1. Sara Hart Said:

    I am so sick of her writing songs about guys, who have broken her heart and dumped her. And she writes them like she has caused no trouble in the relationship she is in! I wonder why they would break up with her…….. there is obviously a reason! Maybe she is too clingy, or annoying but it is something! Now I don’t think she will get another boyfriend after confessing what she will really do if they break up with her! And T really needs to start picking other things to sing about! xoxo

  2. Massie Said:

    and I hate people who complain about Taylor Swift ^^

  3. Kelly Said:

    If you actually take the time to listen to all of her songs, you will find that she DOES in fact take the blame for some of her failed relationships.

  4. Elaine Said:

    Taylor Swift not a teenager anymore, shes almost 24, yet still writing songs fit for teenagers. Also, the “guess who this song is about” game is getting old. I find a hard time buying her woe is me songs when most her relationships are 2-3 months. Lets compare: Adele was 21 when she wrote her album 21 – which was also about an ex, but she doesn’t feel the need to constantly remind people of that. Adele seems to me like she will have a long career while Tay will be a “where are they now” story

  5. Christine Said:

    I have nothing to add aside from can we please stop pretending like Taylor Swift is country? She is not country, and every nomination she receives from the award shows like the CMA’s is taking a nomination from a more county artist. Taylor writes some good songs, but she isn’t country anymore.

  6. welldoneson Said:

    Guys thinking of “going for it” need to keep in mind that she will, sure, spend some time with you. Then, she’ll be gone and unreachable and singing songs about you to sold out stadiums. The bad part? No credit or money for you! Mind you, this is an exclusive club, there can’t be more than a few hundred guys who are members.

  7. Cara D. Said:

    OMG!!! taylor hear me clearly wen i say this hear me clearly WRITE SONGS ABOUT SOMETHING OTHER THEN UR FREAKING EXES!!! i mean we get it already okay u broke up with them or they broke up witth u and ur mad but ITS GETTING OLD OKAY WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!!!

  8. Shan Said:

    Oh gee, I’m sorry, but are any of you haters earning millions and selling out stadiums? No? Then kindly take a back seat and shut up. You obviously haven’t listened properly to whole albums, otherwise you would know that less than half of Taylor’s songs are about her blaming the guys for the failure of the relationship. And besides, whoever said that they don’t think she’ll get another boyfriend after this – I think you can think again – because there’s a lot more to Taylor than meets the eye.

  9. Britt Said:

    The head line should say: Taylor Swift States The Obvious

  10. Cody Said:

    Right Here!!! I don’t care if she writes a whole album about me, I will date you for however long I can and I’ll enjoy every single freaking moment.

  11. lyddie Said:

    @Shan: if you haven’t noticed, all of Taylor Swift’s popular songs are about men/ex’s/breakups/etc. Nobody other than her fans even really care about her albums. She’s a whiney little brat who really needs to get a reality check.

  12. scat Said:

    OK well first off THEY ARE SONGS. Everybody just chill out. If you don’t like what she sings about, then don’t listen. And as for her exes, they should accept that they will be sung about. I don’t see why we should care

  13. Maggie Said:

    It doesnt matter if Tay writes sonhs bout her exex if u dont want to dont listen to her songs. Bit serously what is with people Tay is human like anybody else that amount of hate would hurt anyone stop being so mean and just suck it in.

  14. hollywood222222 Said:

    She is consistently dumped because she is still a virgin and won’t give it up. Nothing wrong with that, but look at who she’s dated. Of course they won’t wait! That isn’t her fault. And they are just songs people, get over it. She isn’t the first to do it and she won’t be the last.

  15. Chelsea Said:

    I think all her songs sounds like the same…

  16. fiona Said:

    If you have nothing better to do then bash on beautiful celebrities, then you gotta get a grip.

  17. Tiffany Said:

    Not ALL of Taylor’s songs are about her love life, those are usually just the singers. And the ones that are, not all of them slam the guy. Just some, like any other female singer out there.

  18. rebecca Said:

    omg would u guys quit it, yeah sure she write breakup songs.whats your point? she’s not a slut or a whore. most of her albums have 16 songs on them do u seriously think those are 16 different people?? i like the fact that she puts emotion into her songs and she doesn’t entirely just blame them. like back to December she didn’t blame anyone but herself if you don’t like them don’t read news about her. if u don’t have anything positive to say about her them don’t say shit !!

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