Taylor Swift Shutting Selena Gomez Out After She Reunited With Bieber?

Apparently Taylor Swift wanted her bestie Selena Gomez to never ever get back together with Justin Bieber because I hear that she is cutting Sel out of her life now that rumors are swirling the former couple has reunited.

Sources confirmed to Us Weekly that Tay has distanced herself from SG, and it’s all because the Come & Get It singer has fallen into Bieber’s love trap once again, most recently hanging out with him in Texas.

And it’s not only that Taylor disapproves of Justin, it’s that Selena “used” her brief romance with Ed Sheeran to make her ex jealous. Apparently it worked, because the “Boyfriend” singer has been trying desperately to get her back, and it looks as though he’s finally succeeded.

Sorry Tay, I don’t think Sel is going to listen to you (especially if she’s still with him after seeing that bratty deposition video). But, I don’t think you’ll have a problem filling her role in your clique. If you need an extra pretty girl to do the job, you know where to find me. XOXO

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn


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  1. Nadizz Said:

    Gomez is a loser wtf she should stop being paid boko-bucks for all her crap that goes for her loser bf too

  2. Cindy Said:

    So very sad to see what Hollywood does to these young kids. Feed their heads so full of themselves, then they can’t handle it when the real world comes crashing down on them. If they could only see how they are being used just to make money and then will dropped as soon as the money stops. Same thing with the drug dealers that follow the money makers around too.

  3. Jen Said:

    This is gossip. IT’s an effing rumor. Don’t believe in too much gossips

  4. melannie Said:

    Selena needs to learn to love herself better than that. And by that I mean Justin.

  5. Carlos Said:

    Can we just put Bieber and Lohan in the same car with a fifth of Jack and an empty curvy highway and let nature take its course?

  6. Rebecca Said:

    Sel,please listen to Taylor, you deserve someone better

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