Adorable Alert: Taylor Swift Sings Adele With Leukemia Patient

As you know, I can be a little…prickly, shall we say. But that’s what you’re here for, n’est-ce pas my lambs, to add a bit of bite to your otherwise boring day? However, there comes a time when even I can’t find one–not one!–sneakily snarky thing to say. Today is that day, courtesy of Taylor Swift’s too-cute cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” with a leukemia patient at a children’s hospital in Boston.

T popped by the infirmary to cheer up some patients and paused when she noticed one young man had a keyboard in his room. She asked him what he was working on and when he replied Adele’s hit song, she happily joined him in a monstrously adorable duet. Behold:

“That was so great. That was beautiful!” Tay gushed. “You killed that. I love that you wrote it out. That’s really amazing. You have a great understanding of it.”

Ew, what…what is this coming out of my eyes? Is it raining on my face? Are these what you call “tears”? So not me. Tell me my Swifties and non-Swifties alike, do you think T just did this as a publicity stunt (which worked) or do you believe that she really is sweet as apple pie IRL?


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