Taylor Swift Still Won’t Let That Kanye West Thing Down

OMFG! I just can’t anymore…

Taylor Swift is apparently still living in 2009 and can’t seem to get past that whole Kanye West incident at the MTV VMAs. Newsflash, darling: a lot has changed since then. You’ve gone through like ten make-ups and break-ups, he’s got a new baby named after a direction, and so many other better celeb scandals have happened, making it so not funny to reference anymore. Yet you continue to do it anyway… le sigh.

T.Swizzle referenced the infamous awards show interruption speech just this week when she gave tour mate Ed Sheeran some homemade jam with a handwritten label that read, “Yo Ed—I’m really happy 4 you and I’m gonna let u finish but this is the best JAM OF ALL TIME. —T”

Yo Taylor — I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish, but Kanye had the best performance of that speech that one time it happened, so give it up. You know you love me. XOXO




  1. jessica Said:

    Taylor is clearly joking on Ed, its funny and she is obviously fine with what happened to her to make a joke about it. #thisstoryisstupid #peopleneedtogrowup #givetaylorabreak

  2. Alison Said:

    Lol it was just a joke, Taylor is funny stop making her look bad.

  3. Jessica R. Said:

    I’m pretty sure Kanye still rants and talks sh%t about Taylor. So let’s not get all high and mighty when it comes to Taylor making a joke.

  4. Alison Said:

    I totally agree with you jessica! it is obviously a joke between the two, and probably has more to it then we know…

  5. GetOverYourself Said:

    C’mon, it’s clearly a joke and a pretty good one, too!

  6. Brigid Said:

    If Jay-Z can make reference to it on his track from the Great Gatsby Soundtrack then Taylor certainly can make fun of it herself on a personal gift to someone.

  7. vicci Said:

    come u shd stop hatin on the girl its just a joke n its not like she even said kanye move stupid haters dont spoil the girls image

  8. Tay Said:

    gossip girl honestly says the stupidest shit. taylor literally has not said anything about the vmas the last three years and now finally has made like two whole jokes about it….and everyone thinks it funny. so xoxo

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  10. Josie Said:

    I think T has every right to make a joke about it.

    She was the victim and it made Kanye look like a total idiot, and I think it’s still funny

    Im not a big fan of taylor’s but if anything shes allowed to joke about this
    its not like shes still mad at kanye shes just joking around

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