Watch: Taylor Swift Perform “The Last Time” on UK’s X Factor

I understand that we It Girls can’t be everywhere at once, so naturally most of us missed Taylor Swift’s live performance of “The Last Time” on England’s X Factor, so my Swift-smitten little minions, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

The song is a duet with T and Snow Patrol‘s Gary Lightbody (my, what a manly name), and their live version was quite the production as you can see. But what struck me about this is how inaudible Taylor was–I’ve long heard that she relies heavily on back up singers and studio trickery to make her thin voice sound heartier, and to me, this live performance certainly proves it–am I the only one who can’t hear anything but Gary’s vocals?

But darlings, I’m not all gloom and doom–I do love Taylor’s off-beat outfit. The simple mod turtleneck (a garment I usually loathe) is perfect for the vibe of the song and the set, plus it lets Taylor flawless face be the focus–not some sparkly outfit per usual.

What’s your take on Taylor’s latest performance? Great look, whateverish vocals? Or is she tres amaze in your eyes–and ears?

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  1. Alexandra Said:

    Yes you are the only one that can’t hear Taylor ! I can hear her clearly and she sound great :) ! And of course she looks amazing as always !

  2. Chelsea Said:

    well duh, he has a deep voice and it is a bit dominant but you can hear her very clearly. the performance was amazing! shes dressed perfectly :)

  3. alli zoglio Said:

    okay.. what is she doing with her arms?? she looks ridiculous… & she tries so hard to be sexy&she soo isn’t. sorry darlings that love her, but i can’t watch her performances without laughing. xoxo.

  4. Mieke Said:

    I love taylor I think she sounds great but the performance on her tour with him was just flawless Even better than this one ;)

  5. rose Said:

    If you heard the actual original song on Taylors album you would know that the whole point is for her to be heard less. That’s the way the song is supposed to be she backs him. He backs her. Him being the male he is louder

  6. akilam Said:

    i can hear her voice clearly and to be honest she sing’s very well

  7. Leesh Said:

    I absolutely love Taylor, she’s is so talented. and, i’m sorry, but how can you try to be sexy in a turtleneck??? no. taylor doesn’t try to be anything. she’s taylor and she’s fabulous

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