Did Taylor Swift Get a Victoria’s Secret Model Fired?

It’s important to be careful about what you tell others, darlings. Because sometimes your words can come back to haunt you. It can happen to anybody. Even models…

I hear that a certain Victoria’s Secret beauty is being axed from the catalog and next year’s holiday show because she just couldn’t keep her opinions to herself. Bless her heart.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jessica Hart thought people actually cared about what was on her mind when she spilled to a reporter at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after party that Taylor Swift just “didn’t fit” among the lingerie-clad models at the show.

Apparently the execs at the company were NOT amused by Jess’ harsh words and the model quickly tried to make nice by giving another interview five days later saying, “I adore Taylor Swift and I was so excited to be with her at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show… She is a true rock star and she absolutely killed it the other night.”

Too late, doll. Word on the street is that Jessica won’t be invited back by the brand. Looks like this is one angel who’s getting her wings clipped…

Do you think this is fair punishment or are they taking her words way too seriously? Tell me what you think in a comment below! XOXO




  1. rohini Said:

    should be fired

  2. rohini Said:

    should be fired, because i think she does not fit in. she is super ugly

  3. melannie Said:

    Well, I don’t think anyone cared about her opinion but I guess if I was the owner of the brand I wouldn’t want a loose-mouthed, troublemaker in my shows either.

    She’ll probably won’t have a hard time getting another job as a model, and if she does, she can always go to school and actually learn something besides how to pose.

  4. Gi Said:

    Im not like a Swift fan, but its not her fault, the model should be a professional not just go and bitch ab personal stuff.

  5. Melodie Said:

    Jessica is clearly right, i dont see Taylor Swift wearing victoria secret lingerie either. If Taylor cant accept critics well why is she a famous person. And really she made that girl fired that completely ridiculous we can all have our opinions! Thats completel ridiculous!!!

  6. jun Said:

    gossip girl, do u really think that she will be fired? because.. shes just a model, and Taylor is… Taylor Swift!

  7. Kelsey Said:

    Okay, there’s this new thing called freedom of speech. Not everybody likes Taylor Swift, and maybe she doesn’t fit in. It’s not a big deal to have an opinion and dislike someone, but this woman lost her job because she indirectly insulted someone with more money- and therefore more power- than her. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Maritza Said:

    I’m Team Jessica. It just shows no one is able to express their opinions; which goes against the first amendment. I could understand Jessica shouldn’t have said what she said to the public, but to fire her from Victoria Secret is beyond ridiculous. I do agree with Jessica about Taylor not fitting in. She’s just not someone you could imagine being a part of such a fashion show. People such as Rihanna,Bruno Mars,& Justin Bieber are perfect matches for a show like the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

  9. A Said:

    J’s jealousy back fired .

  10. Daniel Said:

    I think it was a bit harsh to can her over an offhand remark.

  11. Ellie Said:

    She shouldn’t be fired! Its not like what she said was that rude and she has the right to say whatever she wants!

  12. kk Said:

    HATE taylor swift! At least jess was honest. Wtf was taylot swift doing singing her stupid I hate my ex boyfriends songs at the sexiest fashion show in the world anyway? Its obvious she was a bad fit. Plus victoria secret doesnt do a chastity belt line taylor they specialise in sex appeal somthing u severly lack. Grow up not everyone in the world likes you. Your multitude of exs certainly dont.

  13. Bella Said:

    Definitely a harsh result but you need to consider that these models are expected to be is at a higher standard for this type of company.

  14. Lani Said:

    I think she has a right to have her own comment and to be fired over it is a bit too far, everyone has freedom of speach, if you dont like it fine thats your opinion, but she has the right to say what she wants to say and getting fired over it is just stupid!

  15. Val Said:

    shouldn’t have been fired. it was just an opinion.

  16. Kaitlin O. Said:

    I think Taylor swift should be fired. lol

  17. Mary Said:

    Fair punishment. That insult towards Taylor was unnecessary and bitchy.

  18. Sexee Said:

    I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but it makes sense that they would fire what’s her face Jessica. The whole VS team worked so hard in making the show as perfect as possible. And for her to say harsh things like that is just a slap in the face. It’s not only about Taylor Swift, it’s about her not being able live up to VS angel standard.

  19. Urretarded Said:

    You are all so retarded it’s not even ok. Omg this girl was fired because the vs label doesn’t want a snot nosed brat model talking shit about celebrities millions like. It looks bad on any company to have a employee openly speaking about other celebs especislly when those employees are talking to a reporter at their employers fashion show they are going to be fired on the spot that’s common fucking senses honestly

  20. farah rosier Said:

    She shouldn’t get fired because everyone has right of their own opinion. If she see Tayl didn’t fit she can absolutely say it.

  21. Stephanie Said:

    That’ll teach her! She made the brand look bad and someone as well-respected as Taylor deserved support from her fellow VS Fashion Show ladies. When you’re in a spotlight as a model, it’s part of being professional to be cordial and respectful. Good riddance.

  22. valerie Said:

    i dont think jessica should be fired. She was exressing what she thought about taylor swift. ift she didn’t “fit in” then she didnt “fit in”.

  23. thelma Said:

    She should just be suspended not fired.

  24. Brittany Said:

    Everyone has their own opinion and Victoria’s Secret should respect that. They get just as much criticism so they should understand.

  25. Ad Said:

    Its not about freedom of speech. It’s about representing a company and not upholding a professional attitude and criticizing the company’s (which she works for) decision to work with Taylor Swift. I’m sure these kinds of things are included in a contract when you sign up to work for an international brand.

  26. Sabrina Said:

    I can see why she was fired, her casual criticism could bring trouble for the brand. However I do think it was a bit harsh. Its not like she said she was a terrible person, just that she didn’t really fit as a model for VS, (which given Taylor public persona as one of America’s sweetheart she wasn’t exactly wrong…)

  27. Chelsea Said:

    Gossip Girl, You’re always pointing blame at Taylor. She did not get Jessica fired. Whether Jessica should have been fired or not has nothing to do with Taylor Swift. Jessica spoke the words and they were published. It was VS decision to not bring back Jessica and Jessica’s fault for talking to the press in the first place. I’m sure Taylor brushed off the comment herself.

  28. Emma Said:

    Taylor Swift didn’t get her fired, she got herself fired for criticising her employers decision to a reporter… pretty but dumb!

  29. Amanda Said:

    I applaud her. Taylor Swift is a no talent train wreck waiting to happen. She doesn’t represent the brand. She represents teens. I buy ridiculous amounts of VS and was annoyed they chose her for the show. It makes me want to purchase less from them.

  30. Rachel Said:

    I think that Jess definitely shouldn’t be fired. The press asked her the question, and she had an honest response. She didn’t say that Taylor Swift sucks or anything, just that she didn’t fit in with VS. Besides, she’s only getting fired for this because she is famous. If I told everyone I hated Taylor Swift (Which I do) I bet no one would even give a shit. Just because someone’s famous doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have opinions

  31. Jennifer Said:

    It’s not like Taylor told the VS modeling company to make Jessica get fired. it was based upon the companies own decision so it would be unfair to blame Taylor for “making” Jessica not be in next years fashion show. And I understand this job does pay a lot but go out and learn something new. And Taylor might not fit in because she hasn’t known you guys for like three years, she’s just a performer so if he didn’t fit in well…she’s not a model…

  32. K Said:

    Classy women don’t have to voice their opinions to be heard. Hart made a terrible judgement call. It was diservice to herself, as well as the brand, to be caddy to a reporter. That’s why she should be fired. Nothing to do with Taylor Swift.

  33. Sha Said:

    Its not her fault. She just wanna say that taylor not “fit in” because taylor is an american sweetheart which is still young than her. People just take it too serious about it. Taylor is a taylor and VS Model is a model. So big different. #justsaying

  34. Iris Said:

    Why is everyone making it sound like Taylor Swift did this? If I, as a larger corporation, hired a star to work for me and one of my employees criticised my choices, I wouldn’t be too happy that they did it publicly. What would happen next time they disagree with me? So if Victoria’s Secret decided this girl wasn’t right for them because she didn’t know when and where to express her opinion, it’s only fair. You can have your opinions, but there’s a place and time (when there are no reporters!)

  35. Michelle Said:

    Jessica did not act professional in the matter. Jessica should have respected her work colleague as this is a job and not her social life. If Jessica felt Taylor was not the right fit for the job then she should have spoken to her employer in private and not involve the media.

  36. Hanna Said:

    Good thing she’s fired!!

  37. Alina Said:

    As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care about celebrities, I just know someone who does and she told me about this website. I will make an opinion, though.
    Freedom of speech was the first amendment, giving Hart the right to say her honest answer about Swift not fitting in. Although I never judge anyone on how they look to be the right person, they had no need to fire Hart. They asked her the question, and she didn’t lie.
    The thing was that she was a VS model, making the company look bad.

  38. Alina Said:

    They want their models to only share polite thoughts in public to make the company look good. That shows everyone they have nice workers who aren’t stuck-up and don’t diss people, but this wasn’t a diss.
    To me, this is all some dumb thing that will blow over and VS doesn’t just hire anyone for this.

  39. Alina Said:

    Of course many girls’ dream is to be a famous model, those are mostly twelve-year-olds, and they mostly take girls twenty and over, and in this case it is a catwalk, so this girl would have to be at least 5’9.
    And of course Gossip Girl, it isn’t Taylor Swift’s fault Jessica got fired unless Swift told them to fire her. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  40. Y Said:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Taylor Swift. But I don’t think someone should get fired for expressing their opinion. Wtf is this the hunger games? We should have freedom of speech without worrying that we could lose our job…

  41. LS Said:

    I’m also team Jessica! I’m a fan of Taylor Swifts music but I don’t think she could be a vs model either! I think it’s ridiculous she can’t have her own opinion or would be fired for expressing it! I’m not saying it’s TS fault if she would get fired! But I don’t think it’s fair she was just answering the question honestly.

  42. Alexandra Said:

    They’re taking her words Wayyy too seriously. Her words towards Taylor may have been a little harsh, they still shouldn’t have ‘clipped her wings’ based on an opinion you didn’t think about before spilling it.

  43. mira moore Said:

    The show is lame quick shots of girls of girls covered up.
    They show more in the adds.

  44. K Said:

    well everybody knows taylor is being a bitch to everybody whenever she doesn’t like something! too sad another person has to suffer from her bitchiness…

  45. Cloe Prince Said:

    People don’t need to be as thin as VS models, you know?

  46. GK Said:

    Was she really fired? Cause I don’t think it’s necessary to fire her. I mean.. It’s her own opinion. And all of us are entitled to our own opinions. I mean she already explained her side, she already apologized. So no need to fire her.

  47. CG Said:

    People should just keep their negative comments to themselves.
    That was truly just jealously Taylor Swift is a young gorgeous super star and she made his unknown model feel inferior.
    If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all!

  48. NAC Photo Said:

    Here’s the deal in business no matter what business you’re in your words can reflect your professionalism and how others view the company that hired you. So by this model talking trash about Taylor one shows she’s unprofessional and two she question the judgement of the higher ups that put Taylor in the show. Any company would do that to someone bad talking the business. I think it was corporate that gave her the axe for bad representation of VS

  49. Emil Said:

    Got fried for stating an opinion… utter bullshit

  50. sabrina Said:

    It obviously wasn’t Taylor’s fault… I think gossip girl put the wrong title on this article. Taylor didn’t actually do anything- according to gossip girl, it was VS who decided to fire her, and it wasn’t because Taylor asked them to. You should read before judging people…

  51. Princess Said:

    Well the girl is right!I love Tay,but she just…didn’t fit.With this dress … the dress is fine but in victoria’s secret fashion show just doesn’t fit

  52. Marisa Said:

    Oh Gosh! Really? She can not be fired because of that! She is free to speak out her mind, and if she does not like Taylor Swift at the show, that’s her opinion and that’s okay.
    Not everyone has to agree or have the same opinion about a person!

  53. Caterina Said:

    I’m soo on Team Taylor. This girl thinks she’s hot and can do or say whatever you want. To bring down a person in public is mean. If u have something to say to a person don’t use the public and go to her face. Most pretty/shallow girls = bitchy girls

  54. Kara Said:

    Okay so maybe Jess should have kept her opinon to her self, it may not have been

  55. Kara Said:

    Okay so maybe jess didnt chose her words very wisely or maybe she should have just kept her opinion to her self what ever the case may be i dont think she should have gotten fired for it, i mean c’mon seriously who can picture taylor at a victorias secret event, not me! Would i also have said she didnt fit in yes because we all think of taylor as pure thats her image not hanging out with VS models.

  56. Rylie Said:

    Personally I don’t think Taylor for for the show either.. She’s nt a sex icon and it was a lingerie show..

  57. Kate Said:

    Are you all kidding me? She should be able to sayw tf she wants to say, doesnt mean she’s representig VS opinion. This is bullshit.. And y’all wrong if you think she cant say that one persond ont fit on something like what? Shees free to speak her freaking mind , back off swifties, she’s not untouchable because she can sing. Oh and btw she always says shitty things about ber ex’s on her songs so dont play innocent about this.

  58. Nicci Said:

    You’re all seriously idiots if you’re arguing Freedom of Speech. You know what, Employers have the right to fire ANYONE, often without notice or a reason. Sure she has the right to bad mouth the most famous pop princess that her employer HIRED to do the fashion show, but they have a right to fire her for being DUMB. Keep your mouth shut, keep your job.

  59. Technically Said:

    Technically most models work on contracts. After their contract ends both parties have the choice on whether or not they want to renew it. I am supposing that Jessica’s contact is up for the year or will be soon. Therefore the first amendment doesn’t necessarily apply here. Models or anyone in this industry are supposed to be role models. What Jessica said did not show an aspect that young women can look up to. VS is right not to renew the contract.

  60. Josie Said:

    I don’t know if you actually read the full article of her comment, but she also had said that there were girls who have been with Victoria Secret for years and didn’t get to be in that show, but Taylor Swift did and she isn’t even a model. I don’t think she should be fired and I agree that Taylor shouldn’t have been apart of that show.

  61. Rachel Said:

    Guys calm yourselves they cleared it up she didnt get fired

  62. really Said:

    Really? Who Cares about either of them?

  63. Sunny :-) Said:

    ust boring how often I have something similar already read, model here and there, too thick or drug alkolhol problems, too old but never too young to flung there is even no shit without the are also, in what kind of world are we living in ?

  64. Bebe Said:

    This is not about freedom of speech, people. This is not about whether you like or dislike Taylor Swift. Jessica is an employee of VS. Taylor Swift was a celebrity guest hired by VS. Businesses don’t tolerate employees going to the press with negative opinions about their company. That is a common practice. Feel sure it is in their contract. It’s up to the company to decide what to do with their employee, Jessica. Oh, and she was the only model that did this, right?????? Lesson learned?

  65. RoyaltyDarling Said:

    Okay, Maritza, you have lost your mind. How is Justin Bieber a perfect fit into a fashion show like Victoria Secret? His demo is a bunch of tween-aged girls, not 20-something / 30-something grown women. You are clearly talking about LAST YEARS (aka OLD NEWS) show. But yes, Rihanna was fabulous. I didn’t watch the show last year thanks to the head honchos poor decisions that elevated them to a lower level by choosing Justin. & Bruno Mars? Well, he’s a great artist. But he didn’t fit in either.

  66. RoyaltyDarling Said:

    I love Tay-Tay. She’s a great artist. That being said, as much as I adore such a talent, she was not the best for Victoria Secret as well. And this is coming from a T-Swift fan. She should have declined. But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Some of these talented artists that fit the bill in my opinion (the ones that they already had on the show). They are Usher, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, & Justin Timberlake, to name a few.

  67. trao1219 Said:

    Jess is more than just looks and is entitled to have an opinion. She should not be fired for speaking her mind. That said she also needs to be professional and careful what she says.

  68. Wanda Said:

    I don’t think it was fair to fire her. Freedom of speech. Victoria’s Secret presents themselves as professional. This was not professional because it became about the company not Taylor. She never commented she presented herself as professional. Words can’t hurt you unless you let them.

  69. mulberry outlet Said:

    Did Taylor Swift Get a Victoria’s Secret Model Fired? | Gossip Girl

  70. Ashley Said:


    There’s no wings to clip because she’s a nobody.

  71. Ashley Said:

    She’s a THOT!

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