Watch Out, World… Taylor Swift Wants More Acting Gigs

Craving more of Taylor Swift‘s dramatic line delivery after seeing her acting debut in Valentine’s Day? Thought her teeny tiny role in New Girl stole the show? Want her to add some Oscars to her awards collection? Well, she’s certainly interested in trying… T.Swizzle told EOnline that she definitely wants to make her way to the silver screen again.

“That’s always something that’s in the back of my mind, if the right thing came along,” she said while attending the Toronto Film Festival.

Maybe that’s why she’s becoming BFFs with Julia Roberts. I hear the two chatted at a party during the film festival, and even hit up the photo booth together. “In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight”–is what I desperately hope Taylor told Julia while they snapped pics together. One of the best lines from a movie, n’est-ce pas?

Do you think Taylor has the right stuff to make it in Hollywood–or should she stick to selling out arenas instead?

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  1. Stephanie Said:

    Taylor can do anything she sets her mind to! She’s beautiful, poised, and professional making it a delight to be on any movie or TV set! Hope we see more of you soon, T!

  2. Nicole Said:

    I agree with Stephanie 100%. I love watching taylor whether she’s singing or acting and I think she could be a really good actress :)

  3. Maria Said:

    I personally think she should just stick with singing. Her acting skills aren’t that great, from what we could see from Valentine’s Day :/

    Not everyone is a double or triple threat, and I also think she should go back to her country roots because her pop songs don’t really suit her.

  4. Alina Said:

    Might be a good thing for her. Speaking from myself, since she’s best friends with Selena already, I’m sure some of SG’s acting rubbed off on her for sure.

  5. Mel Said:

    I agree Maria. Her acting skill aren’t really good and let’s be honnest she was awful in New Girl.

  6. Charlene Said:

    She should make movies!! If they are anything like her songs or music videos they Would be amazing!

  7. Holly Said:

    I think its probably best she sticks to singing. There are plenty of actresses out there who have trained half their life to act. Taylor ought to stick to her singing career and try not to get sidetracked. However, if she enjoys acting and REALLY wants to do it for more reasons then money. Then who is she to listen to me!

  8. Pauline Said:

    If she goes into acting, I only see her in roles of high school or college girls. Nothing mature, as her acting is pretty bad… :/

  9. Adrianne Said:

    Um…. she auditioned for Lissa in the upcoming “Vampire Academy” movie as well as for Cosette in “Les Miserables.” The reason she didn’t get either is because she’s not very good……. So please, TSwift, keep your mediocre attempts at art to the arenas packed with acne-ridden, giggly girls. #notevencountrymusic

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