Scene & Heard: Taylor Swift Writing A New Album?

“All the anxiety is starting. When the anxiety starts, the writing happens right after, usually Whatever I write in the first year is going to get thrown away–it’s going to sound like the last record. The second year usually sounds like the next project.”--Taylor Swift admits that she’s getting the itch to pen a new record…and hopefully ditch this high-waist shorts obsession, ugh.

taylor swift


Personally I would be fine if the new one sounded like Red, which is on near-constant rotation on my iPod.

But, given her split with Harry Styles and whatever beau she has yet to meet (and break up with), I’m sure T has a slew of emotions to get out. Maybe she shouldn’t stop at just one new record record–I’d j’adore a double-album set, wouldn’t you darlings?

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  1. Sarah Said:

    Last Time I Checked, High Waisted Shorts Were IN And Gossip Girl Was Over With And OUT

  2. Amy Said:

    @Sarah Last time I checked you were on the gossip girl site so just get out of here if it’s to be so negative. And I work as an intern in afashion webzine and high waisted shorts are out since 2011…Check your facts and I hope you kept your receipts to get your money back!

  3. K Said:

    Oooh yes, a double T Swift record & I’m sold!

  4. Riley Said:

    Last time I checked Taylor Swift was making more money than the people behind the stupid comments so let the damn angel wear her high waisted shorts that are adorable on her.

  5. psycho killer Said:

    “I’d j’adore”? You would you adore? You’re sad.

  6. 1D_forever Said:

    She is so sTupid and a hoe

  7. ddos vps Said:

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