Did Taylor Swift Want Zayn Malik–Not Harry Styles?

Listen up Haylor haters. I hear that before Taylor Swift coupled up with Harry Styles she was actually crushing on his One Direction band-mate, Zayn Malik instead!

“When Zayn found out she was interested, he turned her down,” whispered my insider at Life & Style magazine. “That’s when she swooped in on Harry.”



Well well well it looks like Harry is someone else’s second choice for a change. But, it sounds like T got her comeuppance in the end when he dumped her during their Caribbean vacay. Although, I also hear that Haylor are now “trying to be friends”–good luck with that one Swifty.

Are you surprised that T pursued Zayn (which she is denying, pfft whatever) even though he had a girlfriend, who is now his fiancee? Or does Taylor seem like the kind of girl who preaches about stealing other people’s toys on the playground but when it comes right down to it, will do anything to get her man?

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  1. vf Said:

    Oh my God, this is FAKE. Gossip cop already confirmed that this is not true at all. Could you just leave Taylor alone, for once? Magazines keep making up stories about her life, and the worst of all is that people still believe in that bullshit. Stop.

  2. Alison Said:

    vf is right! Taylor is a really good person and people are making things up because they can’t find anything REAL that is wrong with her. You just have to make do with the fact that she is a good person…

  3. Caroline Said:

    Seriously?! Some people are so dumb, if you don’t like reading GOSSIP about famous people, stop following gossip girl!
    We don’t care if she’s a good person, she didn’t insult her anyway, she just insists on the fact that she dates anybody! Fake or not, don’t read if you don’t like.

  4. Emma Said:

    I don’t mater know he is engaged to the beautiful Perrie

  5. Nicole Said:

    True or not it doesn’t matter. Her reputation is already torn apart. And besides, this is gossip. Nobody cares if she is somewhat you call an angel which by the way I will never believe.

    Get the hell out of this site if you’re not gonna like the GOSSIPS anyway.

  6. Kellie Said:

    Caroline and Nicole people are entitled to their opinions, it doesn’t give you two the right to be mean girls. Go find something productive to do instead of bashing on people.

  7. tai Said:

    this doesn’t shock me, Taylor pursues everything that moves o.O

  8. A Said:

    Of course T didn’t really want H. She wanted Z because he is more sophisticated like her. Yes H is cuter but there is a certain level of sophistication T has that he doesn’t and simply never will. Now this Gossip Girl blog is bogus and I could do one much better and I’m sure you all would agree. My blog would include juicy stiff that happens to real people not random celebs because they don’t count. They sit down in meetings and plan juicy stuff to get attention and honestly it is very boring!

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