Hot Mess: Taylor Swift’s Cameo on New Girl


I was too busy at Prince Harry’s NYC fundraiser last night to be bothered watching Taylor Swift‘s Cameo on New Girl, but one of my minions sent me a clip of it along with a text reading, “WTF?!” And really, that’s all one can say about it.

Taylor — who should definitely not quit her day job to be an actress — played a girl named Elaine who (spoiler alert) is CeCe’s groom’s one true love. While Taylor is not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion, her character is and makes a (bad) joke about writing about him in her journal all night.

I have to admit, I would think Taylor would play the perfect ex girlfriend — I mean, she’s had so much practice. But I wasn’t really feeling this scene. Do you agree with me or do you love seeing Taylor on your screen no matter what she’s doing? Tell me your review of her cameo in a comment below.

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  1. Roxie Said:

    Well, at least she knows when to play dumb and when to have a good image…

  2. Georgie Said:

    I think she’s great :)

  3. Brianna Said:

    In all honesty, she’s pretty believable when acting on stage at her concerts. But, her acting reflects her true feelings so it makes sense that she can connect to an audience. She hasn’t had enough acting/drama experience and you can tell when she gets roles like this. Her acting reminds me of Hilary Duff. They tend to over-dramatize for effect, but it kind of turns out ‘fake’. Her realism levels are low. She can act what she knows, but its hard for her to act what she doesn’t.She’s cute,though.

  4. Madison Said:

    Well, even though the acting isn’t, well, actual good acting, it is pretty funny when you think about Taylor’s song “Speal Now.” I mean, isn’t that the whole point of her doing this? Because she wrote a song about it? Just saying. Pretty clever!

  5. Cathrine Said:

    I is not good, at all. Taylor Swift should stay a singer, acting is not really her thing, just saying. Maybe she wrote a song about it, but she can make her advertise for it somewhere else then ‘New Girl’

  6. ggada Said:

    love Tay ♥

  7. marjan Said:

    I think her voice is awesome,her songs are perfect,she is really beautiful,but i guess for acting is alittle bit…but maybe she can do it.
    What ever she does,i love her so much.

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