Gallery: Taylor Swift’s Celebrity BFFs

One’s inner circle is tres important. Who you hang out with says a lot about you. For instance my girlfriends are all beautiful, wealthy, and smart–basically a mirror image of moi. ;)

In Hollywood, celebs tend to travel in packs as well. One of the hottest BFFs on the market right now is Taylor Swift. She seems to be collecting celebrity pals like they’re Louboutins.

Check out all of her celeb pals in the gallery below. Which one(s) would you want to text emojis to and have dance parties with? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

Ed Sheeran

While romance rumors swirl around these two, one thing is for sure... they make sweet music together.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Sarah Hyland

"She's just the most down-to-earth person," the Modern Family actress told PEOPLE. "She just seems like a really true friend, and it's just really great to meet people in this industry [like her]."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Cara Delevingne

Not sure what these two have in common besides Harry Styles...but ex-bashing always brings girls closer.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Hailee Steinfeld and Jessica Szohr

These three go together like red, white and blue.

Photo Credit: WENN

Kelly Osbourne

Food over feuds for these two!

Photo Credit: Instagram


Nevermind that Lorde kind of dissed Taylor in an interview (that's what she does best...) The New Zealand teen helped TS celebrate her 24th birthday.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Selena Gomez

Remember this amazing lip-reading moment at the MTV VMAs?

Photo Credit: WENN

Prince William

Okay, so these two aren't technically BFFs, but for one night, she lived out my fantasy of hanging out with my royal crush.

Photo Credit: WENN

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  1. Meow Said:

    Dianna Agron. And Kelly Osbourne.

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