Taylor Swift’s Fangirl Moment Over Ingrid Michaelson

If you think that It Girls are immune to getting starstruck by other celebs, you’re wrong, and Taylor Swift is proof. Last night TS, along with her look-alike bestie Karlie Kloss, took their wavy bobs and red lips to the Ingrid Michaelson concert in Central Park. Where they had a serious fan girl moment.

Ingrid giddily posted a selfie with Taylor (and a bunch of other people because she’s totally just as excited about her other non-Taylor Swift fans too, obviously)


If you’re not familiar with Ingrid Michaelson, she sings these tinkly little ditties that are so twee you just become overwhelmed with the urge to Pintrest mini pies and go to Anthropologie. In other words, she’s Taylor Swift’s spirit animal.

As we know, T loves to dance along to other artists on stage but took it a step further when she literally joined Ingrid on stage to dance in her awkward grandma way during one of Ingrid’s songs:

Aw. Taylor. She’s so wholesome, I can’t even hate her. Tell me, my musical minions, if you could dance on stage at just one concert, whose would it be?



  1. Jorge Said:

    obviously it would be one direction and i would start grinding on harry styles

  2. Me Said:

    Ummm thats Darren Criss and where do u get your info? They also sang on stage with her so theres that.

  3. jalen Said:


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